how can i house train my 3 month old puppy when i am only home in the evenings?

how can i house train my 3 month old puppy when i am only home in the evenings?


i have had my puppy for a month and half i have tried using a crate and then a smaller crate i have tried the pads i have tried takeing him out every 15 min. on weekends when i home i take him out as soon as i get home in the evenings but he still uses the bathroom all over the house and beds. the last dog i had i went through training classes so i am familiar with how to train but its not working to house break this puppy. i cant seem to do it because i am only home in the evnings.

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    1. linet figueroa says:

      does anyone know where i can take my puppy so she can get pooty trained ? ive tried my best and my father is ready to leave her outside and i rather her b inside the house but my father has told me if i dont find a way to train her she will be out the house. so anyone who knows anybody that can train my puppy pls contact me 469-531-0360 or i need this fast and give me good results i will pay you but as long as i see the results! thanks

    2. Manisha G says:

      This is an excellent site with some wonderful options for you.

    3. John N says:

      Hi ,
      Well i found this really helpful guide ,its a really professional training called sit stay fetch , it teaches you how to train your dog by yourself , check it out at , its a easy step by step videos and book Hope this helps you with your dog
      Good luck

    4. Val says:

      the thing is: poeple here is judging with no rights whatsoever. me and hubby used to live ina 1 bedroom apt when we got our labxstaffie. we were at work all day and got home at 5.30pm every evening. we both only had weekends off but we made and our doggie (now almost a year) is very healthy and obedient. What we did was: we got a crate but she didnt like that so we had to section off the living room so that she could only stay there. we covered the floor in newspaper. slowly slowly, we were taking off more and more paper off the floor. she immedaitely understood where she had to pee. it was tough because i had to get up 15 minutes earlier every morning to clean everything up but in the end its worth it. It drove me insane at first because i had absolutely no idea on how to teach her but i got on the net and did my little research. in the end it worked really well and now that we’ve moved to a bigger place with a nice garden, we even got her a little friend. If you can, try move to a bigger place and if a garden is in mind, you could even get a little friend too to keep company.

    5. Morning Dew says:

      Best way to train a puppy in my opinion is to use a kennel. Make the kennel like its bedroom and a safe place. Eventually the puppy will learn to hold it because it won’t want to go in its bed. Make sure to place it somewhere that gets lots of traffic. Try to avoid using the kennel as a pushiment eventhough at times it maybe neccesary. Your puppy will learn to associate the kennel as its bed and its own safe place. I would suggest only putting your puppy in the kennel when you are gone during the day and when you are sleeping. The very first thing to do is let you puppy out as soon as you arrive home or wake up. Take a walk around the block and make the whole going outside a good thing between you and your puppy. It will finally associate going outside to bathroom time and alittle bit of play time between you and it… after being let out of the kennel. I would try feeding your puppy and immediately after eating and an hour after eating take it for a walk. Say words like hurry and potty or whatever. Take treats and reward your puppy after. At first it will be hard because your puppy will cry alot with kennel training. Stay strong, be paitient and stick to your decision. There will be messes and even at times your puppy will act up. I’d suggest a squirt gun and only use it to correct your puppy. Example. If it is getting into the trash and you see it ..squirt the puppy right then. Get its attention and say no. I think you will have a much better behaved puppy in the long run.

      Or you could just go to the library and pick up a few books on how to train a difficult puppy if my advice doesn’t work.

      Good Luck!

    6. just me says:

      my dog is 9 weeks and she is doing great with house training, but the longest she is home alone is 2 hours. so she can be properly trained. yeah she still has accidents, but thats to be expected, also your taking the dog out too often, being 3 months he should be able to hold it for atleast 2 hours. well actually its 1 hour for every month. but try to take him out 1 1/2 to 2 hours apart. and within 10 minutes of eating. and right after waking from a nap.
      when your not going to be home to care for the pup have a family member or a close friend stop in and take the pup outside atleast 3 times while your gone. it will really help him to understand what is expected.

      after thinking about it, i dont know your living situation but if its possible you could get a doggie door installed and teach him to use it when he needs to, but of course only if you have a fenced yard. or my dog is closed in the laundry room when were sleeping or not home, and that way if she does mess its in a uncarpeted room, and easy to clean up. and even when we are home she only has axcess to the living room and kitchen, that way we can keep an eye for her sniffing for a place to potty.

    7. Sly says:

      The training book I bought said crate training was the best way, but the puppy can’t be locked up for more than 3 hours at a time. All day is too long. If you can’t go home to let him out then can you get someone else to? And if he’s not housebroken, why are you letting him roam free in your house? At the very least, he should be contained in one area. Are you able to leave him outside in a yard while you’re gone? Honestly, I kind of have to agree with people who asked why you got a puppy if you are gone all day.

    8. epiphanyofmylove says:

      I think the better question is why you have a puppy in the first place? I mean, did you see this puppy and think "Aww, that is such a cute puppy, I would love to take him home and let him sit in the crate all day" I think its so selfish to have this puppy that you have no time for when there are plenty of people out there that would give him the love he actually deserves! Poor puppy.

    9. Mystic says:

      What kind of breed is it??? Crates are really the best suggestion I could give as most dogs don’t like going in their tight quartered living environement. He shouldn’t be messing on your beds with you present,get a baby gate or something for your bedroom entry way. I had to use one for my pantry where my cat box was cuz my dog liked that cat box. Are you overwhelming him with other forms of training at a young age. If your teaching him other training things such as sit,stay,lay down heel, etc. It maybe too much for him all at once. Focus solely on house training at present. What kind of breed is it???

    10. Jules says:

      Puppies need lots of attention and care, so if you’re only home in the evenings this might be tough to potty train him. They need constant correction when they do something wrong. I would ask your vet what you should do, this is a tough situation. I brought home two four week old puppies a couple months ago and since I have school, it’s really hard. I understand if you don’t want to give your puppy up just because you don’t have that much time on your hands for it, so I won’t even suggest that. I was the same way. Make sure that during the evenings your puppy has your full, undivided attention if that’s the best you have to work with right now. I think it’ll be hard, but if you really try you can get through this. Good luck! 🙂

    11. DP says:

      That’s exactly why.. not around enough. You should hire someone to come in thru the day and let the puppy out, and do some housetraining while they are there. Or think about Puppy Day Care… There are even people who babysit dogs like people babysit babies.

    12. philipsgirl1982 says:

      honestly, you really need to make it home at some point in the day, or get someone else to. There are plenty of services that will go to your house and do it for you for a small fee.

    13. butterflychampain says:

      well the puppy is young so unless you can get some one else to take him out while your at work your going to have messes….hes to little to hold it all day…

    14. sniffydogs says:

      Why the heck did you get a puppy? Give him to a rescue. Get a stuffed animal