How can I help my dog feel better?

How can I help my dog feel better?


I’m taking a trip to DC this Sunday. I’m traveling from South Carolina. It should take me around 10-12 hours to get there. Unfortunately, my dog gets car sick very quickly. I feel so bad for him. Sorry, but for us, putting him in a kennel is not an option.
How much dramamine should he take, when to take it, and how long will it last?
What should I do before the trip in the morning to prepare?
Where should he be in the van ( Middle or back)?
What should I do with him when we first arrive at the hotel?
What else can I do to help him in the car?

P.S. He is a small-medium sized dog.
He drools nonstop in the car.

Thanks sooooo much to everyone that helps! I want whats best for my dog! Thank you! 🙂

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4 Responses to “How can I help my dog feel better?”

  1. Marlene says:

    GINGER. We have a 60 pound Lab mix and she gets so carsick. The drool is unbelievable. Our vet recommended Ginger and it really worked. We did not feed her the night before the trip. Just let her have water. The morning of the trip we gave her 6 Ginger Snap cookies. For the duration of our trip (6 hours) we gave her water and a few Ginger Snaps every hour. We stopped once for a potty break. She drooled, but only a little. Of course now she hates Ginger Snaps. LOL.

    You can also buy ginger in a capsule form.

  2. Lindsay B says:

    Why not speak to your vet about the problem. You NEVER EVER self medicate your dog without consulting with your vet first.

  3. DaddiesAngel says:

    Well medicine is not the answer so give him or buy him a bone and bring along some water and a treat so he doesn’t feel so anxious! And bring some toys to keep him busy for a couple of hours.He will fall asleep in the car and to keep from not throwing up, stroke him and keep him warm which will make him calm.

    Hope i could help!

  4. Animal Lover says:

    You could buy a crate and keep him in that and put the crate on level floor in your van.My dog gets carsick really easy so when we have to take her someplace we always put her in a crate and since then she has stopped being carsick.