how can i get my dog to stop ripping up puppy pads?


my dog (almost 1) rips up pads and chews on cords. i wanna be able to keep him in the house with my little puppy (12 weeks) but i dont want him to make a mess. whenever we put him in his kennel i know he only paces back and forth
my dog (almost 1) rips up pads and chews on cords. i wanna be able to keep him in the house with my little puppy (12 weeks) but i dont want him to make a mess. whenever we put him in his kennel (outdoor fenced kennel) i know he only paces back and forth
sorry i meant to just add that it was an outdoor kennel but i put the same thing as before.. 🙂
he does use the bathroom outside.. he never uses the bathroom inside but he is starting to mark.. i just want him in the house while no ones home because his pacing his hurting his paws..

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    8 Responses to “how can i get my dog to stop ripping up puppy pads?”

    1. Angel Eyes says:

      I had my dog trained at Pet Smart and one of their tricks is:

      Get a can (soda) and put 10-15 pennies in it tape up the opening and when the puppy does somehting unwanted shake the can near it’s ear, the noise really scares them. Don’t over do it because it really does frighten them.

      I used this method all over the house indoors I placed 3 of them around the X-Mas tree, couches even the entrance of a doorway to a room, outdoors near bushes, trees, patio furniture anywhere they were needed I had cans there, he hasn’t destroyed anything a can was near again.
      You probably will need more than just one in a larger area

      It does look a little crazy with cans everywhere but it works.

    2. Robin C says:

      You need to potty train your puppy so he doesn’t have anything to tear up. My male, when he was a puppy, loved to grab the end of the TP and run with it until the roll was empty. Once the new favorite toy was out of reach, he turned to better toys.

      DO NOT spay your cords with ammonia. Get some bitter apple spray. It is non-toxic, but has a terrible taste to help back you up when you say NO. You can also get covers for the cords to keep him out of them. The electric cords not only can give your puppy a shock, but have lead in them that can make him very sick. You need to stop that behavior right away.

    3. miss_b827 says:

      catch him in the act of ripping it & then loudly & firmly say: "NO!" while u take the pad away from him. If u said no the first time, keep using the word no; don’t change it 2 "stop" or u will confuse the dog. Reputition. repution. reputition.

    4. Behaviorist says:

      Your dog is going through what can be a very trying period in a young dog’s life and it’s the time when you’ll be busiest training him. For the next year he will be very active, he may seem hard headed, and he may be destructive.

      I recommend that you find a good POSITIVE trainer and learn about reinforcing good behavior.

      The question you want to always ask yourself is, "What do I want my dog to do INSTEAD of this behavior?" and then set about making that other behavior very worthwhile for your dog.

    5. bsassy says:

      Too bad for him he hates his kennel. Put him in it anyway. But don’t put him in for punishment. Make it a happy place and that is where he has to go when you leave and at night. End of story. He will trow a fit probably for a while but too bad. He will get over it. Trust me! And trow out the pads!!!!!!

    6. Freedom says:

      Throw out the puppy pads and teach him to pee outside like all dogs are supposed to. He is tearing them up because he is smarter! lol Puppy pads are a total waste of time in potty training and only confuse the dog making it even more difficult to potty train correctly later. The LAST place you want this dog peeing is in the crate. Crates are a potty training tool only. NOT a place to stuff the dog and be able to forget about him. Just get busy potty training the rgiht way and save yourself from all the head aches. He’s ready!

    7. Shelly says:

      Spray amonia on the cords he is chewing up. There is also something you can buy made specifically for chewing. It is extremely bitter and the first taste for your dog will make him think twice about chewing. Also, if you catch him chewing on the cords, say No! firmly (don’t scream at him) and squirt him with a water bottle. As for the puppy pads… I think your best bet is to teach him to go outside. Taping them down is sort of dramatic but hey, if it teaches him not to rip them up then so much the better! Good luck!

    8. daynasu says:

      He’s almost one… he should be peeing outside. Puppy pads are a bad idea to begin with. It only makes pups think it’s okay to pee inside, and confuses them.