How can I convince my dog that my bed is not in fact the best place to lick herself for hours?


She licks the sheets more than she actually licks herself. It’s really revolting. And the sound? Don’t even get me started on the sound.

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    14 Responses to “How can I convince my dog that my bed is not in fact the best place to lick herself for hours?”

    1. Crash Fu™ says:

      She’s modeling your behavior, and noted flexibility. Get yourself in a crate if you want change.

    2. Handsomestranger says:

      Is that where you go to lick yourself? Maybe the dog is just following your lead? Maybe my answer is going the right way for a smacked bottom. One can hope.

    3. cjrossi says:

      I got bad news for ya.

      Dogs who lick sheets, couches, etc. aren’t licking the sheets per se – they’re licking stuff up off the sheets.

      If you dog is licking herself and your sheets – she is probably leaking something onto your sheets – my guess is anal gland juice – and then licking that up off your sheets.

    4. absolutemom2four says:

      The licking is a problem but guess what all dogs lick to a certain degree. Make sure she does not have an allergy or a flea problem causing her to lick.

      Everyone is different with allowing their dogs to sleep with them. My husband and I do not mind if we have a dog on the bottom of our bed, heck my JRT sleeps under the covers at the bottom and keeps my feet warm.

      But if you do not want her there then I would recommend buying a dog bed for her, every time she gets on your bed tell her "NO" and then show her, her bed. She will eventually get the idea that she is to sleep near you but not with you.

    5. Tut Uncommon: 3peat Offender says:

      Which one of your dogs is this? Fido, Spot, Reefer, Bucky, Red, Blackie, Sam, Sparky, Mooch, Duke, Howler, Spud, Scooby, Ozzie, Fuzzy, Snowball, Smokey, Rusty, Lassie, Skeeter or Earl?

    6. Carol says:

      yes train her and don’t let her go on your bed and if she is a big dog then keep the doors close and she will learn she cant go on the bed that helped me

    7. Pamela D. says:

      Train her to stay on the floor, and see a vet and find out why she is licking for hours. Also keep door closed so she can not get in your room.

    8. red cherry says:

      Im pretty sure it has something to do with peanut butter abuse. I dunno …

    9. chacha says:

      I can’t believe you let your dog on the bed where it could get crabs and stuff. you’re a horrible pet owner and we don’t appreciate your kind around here in the dog section.

    10. I<3myratties says:

      get her her own bed that’s really soft and comfortable, so she’ll choose it over your bed

    11. Happy Hour says:

      Train her. If you see her go on your bed take her off, continue to do so until she gets the message. If you really want to end this right now just crate her, or just don’t let her in your room.

      -Happy Hour ♥

    12. ThunderStorm says:

      i would crate train her and not allow her on any furniture

    13. ompelle says:

      Monkey see, monkey do.