Housebreaking – Should I Push My Dog’s Nose In His Mess?

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    10 Responses to “Housebreaking – Should I Push My Dog’s Nose In His Mess?”

    1. selious04 says:

      “psychotic things like that” hahaha

    2. gschjetne says:

      Very good explanation.

      The risk with any form of punishment is that it breaks the dog’s trust for you, and that is the single worst thing that can ever happen in dog training. Dogs only want pack leaders they can trust.

    3. LuvCudi4ever says:

      who would do dat thats sad I wouldnt like it if someone pushed my nose to my poop

    4. tosan1 says:

      I am illiterate about dogs but I love them and am planning to get one next year. I am using these videos to educate myself. so far they’ve been really helpful. Thanks for posting them.

    5. hayleyclarke says:

      I was also taught to push their nose in their mess, and now my dog pee’s even if I point my finger at him. how can I reverse this “damage” He’s peeing everytime I say no, or hey, or ah ah! its getting really irritating and just makes the situation worse.

    6. collagengirl says:

      no its sick

    7. happy4mom2 says:

      Very helpful video. My friend thinks that it would help to do those things. I think i should tell about this video. Thank you!

    8. DogsAreMyBestFriends says:

      Thanks for the video!

    9. davidelcz says:

      I like watching your videos. I taught my dog wrongly as you said “Push dog’s nose in mess” You are very funny and helpful. I suggest you should make your videos on DVD because many people are lazy to read. If you find my words useless, you can just forget it 😀 . Thank you again

    10. bebethdam says:

      thx for your help!