HouseBreaking Crate Training A Puppy

. A Video On Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy. You can see more dog crate training videos on http

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    25 Responses to “HouseBreaking Crate Training A Puppy”

    1. adasdghjhgjgh says:

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    2. MsBrittany2911 says:

      Ok so you suggest a crate for training…but what are the steps to getting the puppy to potty train?? I live in an apartment building, and its really cold out now where I live, so I think i prefer paper/pad training… any suggestions on placement and schedule??

    3. myke1300 says:


    4. Hitman7027371406 says:

      lol that is sooo true !!

    5. mayakanthineela says:

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    6. ladygagaDIscostiCK says:

      @smart5615 ur not suppose to let him pee in the cage- congrats

    7. carnypimp says:

      @BreathlessEndeavours I read your other comments you are absolutly right.

    8. smart5615 says:

      i traind my puppie when i am not home to use the wire crate as a min bathroom than get out and walk away he does it to

    9. MyPuppyAcademy says:

      There is a good article on crates at My Puppy Academy

    10. jmascore1 says:

      @marelinor @PitbullTheSuperDog has the right response for you.

    11. jmascore1 says:

      @PhleshWound The fact that you have never used a crate is only a credit to your lack of understanding and comprehension of the reality of animal life. It is easy to say that you have never used a crate, and that people who do sicken you, but like its your choice to have a dog chew your stuff, it is others choice to crate train. And if you actually read any research, you might be able to make some sort of an educated response to these videos. Why watch if you just want to make neg comments anyway

    12. marelinor says:

      @PitbullTheSuperDog :)) Well, in this case it´s true. I have a long education and have worked as a professional dogtrainer in Sweden for over 15 years now. I mostly work with dogs with different behaviour problems.

    13. PitbullTheSuperDog says:

      @marelinor oh sorry, i forget we are on the internet where everyone expert in the given topic. lol

    14. marelinor says:

      A puppy is like a baby. It eats, sleeps and play. After all these activities they need to pee and/or poop almost immediately, since they havent developed their abdomen muscles enough to hold themself until they are about six months old. Just like babies can´t. An you don´t put them in a crate to “teach” them, do you? Just take them out immediately after eating, sleeping and playing and reward them when they do their thing outside. No big deal. And excuse me for my english.

    15. marelinor says:

      @PitbullTheSuperDog I´ve had dogs since 1971. And I´m a professional dogtrainer.

    16. DuhDuhDustyn says:

      @PhleshWound You probably left your dobermans ears natural too huh?

    17. LovelyOne625 says:

      all of his stupid “crate training” videos are the same one! i actually need help traing my new pup and this guy is just wasting my time!

    18. BreathlessEndeavours says:

      Then you let them play a bit but make sure that you are still in charge and that they obey you. I would have her in her crate a total of five or six hours a day. She learned to poo and pee outside after two weeks. Now she’s free to roam around the house whenever she wants. She’s never in her bed unless she’s about to sleep or is being sent to it.
      Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with crate training. It’s not cruel as long as it’s temporary.

    19. BreathlessEndeavours says:

      poo or pee, then I would take her in. Feed her. Afterwards, I would take her out again. After she shat, I would praise her and then let her play about for a good hour or so because these small dogs go every couple hours. After an hour, I would put her in her crate and she would be in it for an hour before I took her out again.
      Dogs aren’t stupid. They get the idea. As long as you don’t carry them out of the house and onto the grass, they will grasp that they have to actually walk out themselves

    20. BreathlessEndeavours says:

      I have a chihuahua, and I’ve been told they’re one of the hardest to train. In the beginning, my firm “no’s” were treated with ridicule. She would just stare at me and walk off, peeing and shitting in any place she desired. So I looked it up and came upon this method. I thought it was a bit extreme leaving a dog inside one little spot for so long. So, instead, I would keep her in the crate throughout the night (very comfy one). First thing in the morning I would take her outside. If she didn’t

    21. MsLabMom says:

      Crating began as a way for people who participate in dog shows to keep their dogs clean, but they did not take into account their dogs’ social, physical, and psychological needs. Dogs are highly social pack animals who abhor isolation and crave and deserve companionship, praise, and exercise. Forcing dogs to spend extended periods of time confined and isolated simply to accommodate their guardians’ schedules is unacceptable.

    22. PitbullTheSuperDog says:

      @marelinor seems you never had a puppy and left him/her alone in your home.

    23. PhleshWound says:

      @mrmascorella Oh nice rebuttal. How eloquent of you. No, I wouldn’t. Plain and simple. To confine a dog to an area it can’t stretch in is just wrong. I’ve owned large dogs for 40 years and never found a crate/cage necessary, ever. GSDs, Doberman, Retriever, OE Sheepdog and crosses. Crates are for people who live in apartments, don’t have a yard and don’t want puppy chewing furniture, in which case they should get a different pet.

    24. mrmascorella says:

      @PhleshWound You have NFI. Ever actually used a crate?

    25. marelinor says:

      Is this how yo want to treat your new family member? Disgusting!!