House training my dog?

House training my dog?


I have two dogs who are both lab mixes. One is 8 years old and the other is 15 months. For the last year I was living with my grandparents after loosing my job. My dogs were forced to stay on the side of the house separated from my grandparents dogs because they didn’t get along. They were happy there. I took them for walks and spent time with them while they were out there, but they weren’t allowed to come inside and got used to doing their ‘business’ outside whenever they wanted to.

I’ve now found another job and moved into a new apartment, and of course I brought my dogs with me. My 8 year old lab is doing great. She doesn’t go to the bathroom in the house, and always does her business when I take her for walks. She used to live in an apartment before I moved in with my grandparents however, so she’s used to that kind of thing. The problem is more with my 15 month old.

He’s a Lab/Great Dane mix, and a great dog. He’s such a sweetie pie! He always wants to cuddle and love on me, and he always sleeps with me in my bed. He’s a fantastic walker, never tugging on the leash and just staying right beside me the entire time we walk. I can’t get him to go to the bathroom while on the leash though. I take him for a 1/2 an hour walk in the morning before I have to leave for work and he’ll sniff around but won’t go. When I get home from work he’ll have gone to the bathroom in the house (I haven’t gotten him a crate yet, but I’m getting him one this weekend). I take him out right when I get home for a 15 minute walk and he won’t go. He get’s another 20-30 minute walk around the apartment complex before bed, but still nothing. He won’t pee on the floor in the apartment while I’m there, or at night when I’m sleeping, so he’s just going to the bathroom while I’m gone.

What are some things I can do to get him to go to the bathroom when I take him out? I’ve been taking treats with me in case he does go, but he never does, and we can stay out there for over an hour and he still won’t go! I’ve tried taking him out with my other dog, but that hasn’t been working either. I can’t use training pads because he’s a 100 pound dog, and I have been trying to get him to use the patio for when I’m at work (there’s a doggie door on it that my dogs can use to get out while I’m away), but he just doesn’t seem to be getting the message.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    2 Responses to “House training my dog?”

    1. tiger_kttn says:

      After eating play with him a bit so he gets some exercise. My dog usually goes once he’s been exercised. When you do get a crate if you leave him in there all day and you see there’s an accident in the crate. Clean it and then put him back in so that he knows what he did wrong. Hope this helps.

    2. Cookie says:

      Getting a crate is a great idea, and will probably help you, however I think the problem is all the moving around. Sounds like he’s very confused as to what is expected, and if it was my dog, I’d go back to housebreaking 101… Treat him as though he has never been housebroken before and start back at the beginning. In the meantime, keep you eye on him, keep doing what you’re doing, but use the crate when you are not at home.