House Breaking A Puppy


House breaking a puppy is easy when you know how. Some common questions answered. If you’re having a hard time house breaking a puppy get the free report: “7 Biggest Housetraining Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.”

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    8 Responses to “House Breaking A Puppy”

    1. eletendre1 says:

      @TheRealDealio Thanks!

    2. TheRealDealio says:

      I’m addicted to your videos.

    3. 581u812 says:

      what if its an 8 week old puppy?

    4. firepouya says:

      But I thought that will cuz the dog to not pee in front of me anymore since I scare her while she’s peeing

    5. Namingway00 says:

      um you could make a sudden noise so she startles, that should make her stop peeing, but when i teached it on my husky he stopped peeing automatically when i picked him up, and continued when i sat him down on the grass.

    6. firepouya says:

      BUT she’s gonna pee on me on the way out… or Is she gonna stop while Im taking her out??

    7. Namingway00 says:

      pick her up while she’s peeing inside and take her outside to where she’s allowed to pee. dont punish her because she’ll get afraid of urinating when you are around, even outside. when you take her outside and she urinates on the right spot, tell her she did a good job and give her a treat.
      hope that will help

    8. firepouya says:

      what do I hav to do when I catch my dog peeing inside??
      She is 14 months old doberman…