HOTEL FOR DOGS – DOG HOTEL – 5 star DOG BOARDING in Florida at Chateau Poochie


CHATEAU POOCHIE in FLORIDA is the Word’s Most Exclusive Luxurious Hotel, Spa & Salon for Dogs and Cats. Suites feature Webcams, Flatscreen TV’s, art decor, crystal chandeliers, room service, gourmet meals and classical music. Suites and boarding accommodations Priced from and up with PET SET packages available for Jet set clients. Doggie Daycare, fitness and obedience training are available. Chateau Poochie is FLORIDA’s premiere DOG BOARDING center. Check out HOTEL FOR DOGS upcoming Trailer 2009 on Youtube.

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    25 Responses to “HOTEL FOR DOGS – DOG HOTEL – 5 star DOG BOARDING in Florida at Chateau Poochie”

    1. wilmadeen says:

      This is wonderful! Animals deserve only the best in life!!!

    2. chateaupoochie says:

      Book now for dog boarding during holidays at chateau pooch dog hotel in Florida

    3. myroutine says:

      bow wow!! 😮

    4. chateaupoochie says:

      Dogs luv blubbery facials, massages and dancing in the doggie disco. It’s Saturday night fever all over again at a weekend at chateau pooch dog hotel in Florida.

    5. chateaupoochie says:

      Chateau Poochie dog hotel near boca raton is still open and quite busy for summer. Summer is great time for dog weddings and barkmitzvahs

    6. xSakuraSasukex says:

      Since when do dogs “Enjoy” Manicures, or Baths, or clothes for that matter?

    7. monkey10hess says:

      “she has her own purse and cellphone”…. who’s she gonna call with it?

    8. 182supermario says:

      WOW!!!! that’s awesome, but it would’ve been better if it was just like the hotel for dogs movie.

    9. LOLChey4U says:

      2:19 that dog is sayin “please.. dear lord get me out of here!” lol wow id like to b a dog now 😀

    10. CreationsEpic says:


    11. funspot101 says:

      did i just see a dog that owns a cell phone? O_O

    12. realheart37 says:

      they went over borad on tht, i think they should have one for us to

    13. Midou75 says:


    14. tamick21 says:

      THat is awesome but my dog would rape those cute poochies

    15. nicotinestarved says:

      Gasped at the dog get its nails polished hot pink. I mean, wtf?!

    16. kalamabee says:

      omg sooooooo cute and awsome

    17. andressatricolor says:

      its a really cool place, but the cell phone for the dog is TOO MUCH!!! come on!!!..WTF!!

    18. Puppaydog says:

      awh same here. but my pup is 40 pounds but i carry her for bath time anywayz. she acts as if shes like 10 pounds lol

    19. sewd0608 says:

      They even have massage therapy, lol 😀

    20. DontKickmySocks says:

      I’m gonna take my dog their!

    21. DontKickmySocks says:

      @tribejuda omg same hear i’m takeing my chiweenie to this hotel on apirl first (that’s her b-day) she’s going to be eight lol she’s a old lady! we got her from a friend breeder that lived down the street form us! whats your chiweenie’s name and b-day? my dog’s name is Heidi

    22. guereja0866 says:

      i should take my dog there

    23. YorkieLacy says:

      OMD!!!!! o-oh m-my d-dog

    24. Animalfan1011 says:

      Its nice, but dont you think its a little to much

    25. mlemck101 says:

      The person who gave their dog a purse and cell phone is crazy!