Home Show 2008: Eureka Capture Plus Pet Lover Vacuum


Love pets but hate lingering cat hair or doggy breath? The Eureka Capture Plus Pet Lover Vacuum captures pet hair and odor to help you clean after four-legged friends.

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    4 Responses to “Home Show 2008: Eureka Capture Plus Pet Lover Vacuum”

    1. lgmccarville says:

      Eureka vacuums are horrible products that are built to fall a part and pollute our environment with plastic that will never decompose. The company refuses to build better products for their consumers and flood the market with this kind of propaganda. Do they show this miserable product actually sucking up dog hair? Do they show actual costumer feedback?

    2. djkain2007 says:

      i have that exact same thing… even purple.

    3. TSXboy26 says:

      i got this vac today. I likes it alot. Traded it for my Kenmore Stylite, I didn’t really like the kenmore too big and ugly.

    4. ollietwistyo says:

      yea seriously!!! dogs shed way too much, so this is great!