home schooled or high school?

home schooled or high school?


ever scince kindergarden i have been going to public school right now i am in 8th grade and im home schooled this is my first year actually being homeschooled(online)….we are about to be moving to georgia and there is a really big high school there….now i cant decide if i should be homeschooled or go to high school so i can have the expeirince that most kids get…my mom runs a dog kennel and i love helping her out all day….but if i got to high school than i really cant help….my dad travels across the usa for his job…and sometimes we go but we probley wouldnt get to do that either….but im one of those kids who has to have freinds or i get really depresed…..should i stick to homeshcooling or high school
canton ga…….

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8 Responses to “home schooled or high school?”

  1. ms bell says:

    I wish I could’ve been homeschooled. The kids in my school were very mean and I wasn’t into the popular crowd so you can imagine how bad it was for me. I got good grades and school and was motivated to study on my own, so I would’ve been a good homeschooled candidate. That’s just my personal opinion.

    As for you, depends on if you want that daily schedule and to interact with other students. Also, if you want to participate in extra-cirricular activities, then going to a school would be for you. Good luck!

    Greetings from Florida! I’m on vacation and had the change to get to a computer.

  2. jayB says:

    Check out GA online high schools listed here:

  3. *~*~*Pancakes and Cheese*~*~* says:

    Home school if you like helping your mom and traveling with your dad its the best thing to do. You can make friends around where your mom loves and then you can have friends and do a lot of things that you want to do…

  4. leslielovesjb says:

    If I were you, stick to homeschooling so that you can enjoy the things your family enjoys doing (traveling across the US, helping out at a dog kennel, etc.)

    AND get involved in home school support groups and make friends. =D
    You can still have a social life AND spend time with your family.

  5. Bella says:

    you can still have lots of friends and be home schooled, I’m in public school right now but I’ve been home schooled off and on and really i learn more from homeschooling maybe it’s just because all my teachers give us busy work, and don’t care at all. I’ve a freshmen, and before in 8th grade i hated learning but how that i want too i have crappy teachers, so even if your not in the stage were you begin to want to learn you should still home school, but hey it’s your choice. just my opinion.

  6. Roadrunner58-79 says:

    High School – Graduated May, 1953!

    Stick with high school, it really is more fun, depending on where you live and the teachers!

  7. Alejandra says:

    My mom homeschooled my brother because he was being bullied in school and the school was not doing anything. His self esteem was very low so in a way, homeschooling him helped boost his confidence. This happened during 2nd grade. He is now a third grader and goes to public school because he was a very social person and he wanted to have friends. So it really depends on you. If you are homeschooled you can find friends nearby that are also homeschooled and can hang out with them if you need friends. Or you can get a part-time job near the high school to meet kids that way, too. Homeschooled kids have normal high school experiences for example they take their "senior" trips and they also have prom. The choice is up to you, but I would say stay in homeschooling because it is like going to college. You make your own schedule. Which is way better than being in high school. I joined a program called Middle College that if you are a high school junior or senior you can take your high school english and history at the college and the rest of the classes are your choice. I prefered this because their are too many cliques in high school and because of too much drama.

  8. sha_lyn68 says:

    GA has a huge and diverse home school community. As for the public schools, GA consistently ranks as one of the worst states in the Nation. There are a few areas with high performing high schools, but they are few and far between.

    If you give me a general area of where in GA you are moving I can suggest groups and other homeschool activities in that area.
    Also, there are many homeschool yahoo groups.

    ETA: we are in Canton

    Here are several groups:

    There are also many other homeschool groups. You can check yahoo groups for faith based or other groups specific to your needs