High Voltage Cooking A Jumbo Dog


This is The Voltage Cooking Show. Episode Seven# Today We are going to be making “Hot Diggity’dog Leftovers” *Remember, Cooking food on a stove is for dorks. DO NOT Attempt under any circumstance This our 1000th video! Rate & Favorite!

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25 Responses to “High Voltage Cooking A Jumbo Dog”

  1. b3rge says:

    hahahaha he did fart!!!

  2. adderguy6 says:

    could you please please put your balls on that thing just for a second, id like to compare it to my experiment i made 2 months ago, my balls completely burnt with the metal prob completely burning the inside of my penis where it was inserted, 3 weeks in hospital and unable to reproduce…id like you to try and make a comparison. compare weeks spent in hospital ect ect look forward to your reply.

  3. stickMackers says:

    me when i sp***

  4. achemachew says:

    The finished product is has been fully electrocuted! For our viewing and eating pleasure!

  5. XxTodesengelxx says:

    Did you seriously just fart at 0:20? It sounded like you really enjoyed it. lmao

  6. soundspark says:

    @soundspark Should have read the uploader comments before replying. He said it is halal beef.

  7. soundspark says:

    @TheDanteOxalis Maybe it’s beef.

  8. Speedpwns says:

    Lool when you connected the hot dog you made kind of an orgasm sound 😀

  9. TailsFurse says:

    @jacker372 What kind of motor do you got under there? “Oh just a Supercharged 4.6Link HotDog injection semi electric induction GrilleStar… what you got?”

  10. skipper124 says:

    i wonder how cheese will do i em a dutch cheese head so 😛 i hope i will see it in an upcoming vid 😀

  11. jacker372 says:

    new fuel source lol jk

  12. MrTruckdriver09 says:

    Gas alert at 0:20 🙂

  13. Guzzle90 says:

    There’s gonna be a lot of nasty chemicals on that when its done frying.

  14. BANGERS68 says:

    holly crap kenny.be caerfull you dont magnatron your internal organs my freind

  15. shawnphase says:

    congradulations kenny on a great 1000th episode. ive been a fan for a long time now, definately longer than it seems and its been a privledge to be able to see these vids, even despite some of the bumps along the way. all the best my friend.

  16. TheJoeOriginal says:

    I really love watching these. Keep it up!

  17. dovetastic says:

    @TheDanteOxalis, it’s halal beef jumbo dog from Midamar.

  18. crazeguy26 says:

    4:39 LOL and congratulations on the 1000th video

  19. crazeguy26 says:

    @Mrstiggy100 LOL ROFL

  20. leandeganis says:

    @Mrstiggy100 yeah the capacitor

  21. mrgurth1 says:

    cant wait to see your electric bill dud 😉

  22. leandeganis says:

    you are filming each day more closer… take care of yourself!

  23. thebonefish says:

    0:12 that’s what she said!

  24. yofluffyo says:

    @Mrstiggy100 yeah just subtract 5 inches.

  25. yofluffyo says: