hexbugs nano in a bowl of water

hexbugs nano in a bowl of water


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    14 Responses to “hexbugs nano in a bowl of water”

    1. ktj9139 says:

      @bopbabe What did you just call me?

    2. bopbabe says:

      Wow you have NO repect for ur toys!!! ungratful little but

    3. dmrich1979 says:

      didn’t they short out when you took them out???

    4. ktj9139 says:

      @kylecar18 i had broken feat on my hexbugs to

    5. kylecar18 says:

      my friend and i put his hexbug ant in water then froze it and we set it out over night and it was on the floor with a broken “foot”

    6. clawdeena9 says:

      it doesnt break in water 0.0 well the look pretty cool

    7. Dracodragon888 says:

      cool it can go under water. i have a hex bug but i borowed it i might get my own

    8. train2589 says:

      they are just underwater.

    9. origamiepicness says:

      Cool thanks for looking at my vid

    10. zportukalian says:

      hexbug love to swim

    11. MuicLover3321 says:

      DUDE!!! you could have messed them up…when they glow from the top, that means that they are short circuiting and they can explode

    12. ktj9139 says:

      thanks @mechaman20

    13. mechaman20 says:

      nice vid

    14. Wilycat52 says:

      wow i did that too. water doesnt effect my hexbug nano. well at least not for a long tyme… i didnt check that though cuz i dont want it to possibly be destroyed.