HELP!My dog spills his water!?


My dog is typically an inside dog, but I recently built him a kennel outside for when I am gone more than few hrs. My dog has a large water bowl but is obsessed with spilling it and playing in it. It is impossible to leave him out there in the heat without water so I need some creative ideas.I have surrounded it with cinder blocks and it still does no good. With classes coming up, I need a better plan.
He is a dachshund/pitbull mix. i know, iknow 🙂

He is pretty short, which poses a problem as well. he cannot get his head into large tubs

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14 Responses to “HELP!My dog spills his water!?”

  1. teletubbieclover2 says:

    get one of thoes water bottles for rabbits, there like a sippy cup. if you sip it, you get water if you turn it over, it dosent spill

  2. Susan A says:

    I have to ask what kind of dog you have. Many are not safe to leave outside for hours in heat — even with a water bowl. Please check with your Vet to make sure that your dog will be safe in the heat of the day.
    If the Vet approves, you can probably get a water bowl that can be clamped onto the side of the kennel at a height that is closer to the dog’s head, which should prevent some spilling and splashing.

  3. Marianelis says:

    my dog did tht .. what i did was put him a bowl of water he can play with and a few others where he can drink it!

  4. die_laffing says:

    Get him one of those cheap kid’s pools–the smallest you can find. He can slop to his hearts content, and there will always be some left to drink.

  5. strplng warrior mom says:

    get a small swimming pool for him – that way he can play in it and drink and keep cool

  6. Pie Girl says:

    you should still keep the water bowl. but you should get him a big seperate tub, fill it up with water, and let him play there.

  7. horseyhorsey says:

    put in some other toys, maybe those ones with holes in it so you can push in some treats.

  8. Hearthorsies says:

    get something that is its head level my dog used to do the same thing untilll we put her water bowl on a bowl catty thing she tipped it once it scared her and she didnt do it agian (but she still drank dont be worried about that)

  9. Punk SkA FreAk says:

    hmmm. thats a tough one. although its extremely cute to watch a dog splash in its water bowl (my puppy does it), its terribly inconvenient. maybe this thing?:

    something like this might help! good luck.

  10. Linda_Doxiegal says:

    Get him a kiddy pool to play in (really!!) and then anchor his water bowl in some other pace?

  11. wishnuwelltoo says:

    I have seen people use galvanized pails, or big plastic tubs that look like they would hold several gallons of water. Maybe a kiddie pool, he could take a swim and get a drink.

  12. Peacefrog says:

    really really strong glue?

  13. Kaleigh says:

    see if they have any like hanging watering things like the ones for hampsters but bigger

  14. Hezz M says:

    You can buy these water bottle dispensers like hamster water bottle dispensers but bigger for dogs, throw that on the kennel wall and he will drink all he wants and won’t spill, throw some ice in there to help cool him off. If he just enjoys playing in water consider putting a kiddy pool in the run for him, our dog uses it to cool off in on those HOT days