Help with my Florida condo and renter next door with barking dog?


I own a condo and there is a renter next door with a barking dog. I’ve complained to the condo association and at first they said they would "try" to evict her. That was 3 months ago, and the "quiet enjoyment" of my property is non existent. The condo association is ignoring my requests to do something. What are my next steps, an attorney to enforce my rights? The by laws are clear in that renters are not allowed pets, so it seems like an open and shut case, but when the condo association is ignoring me, I feel helpless.
and "Duh" you are answering because…???
They are a "renter"……I am an "owner", what part about the question don’t you understand? Has nothing to do with who was here first.

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6 Responses to “Help with my Florida condo and renter next door with barking dog?”

  1. pjerry says:

    When you purchased, your deed included "Covenants" you obviously expected you would have to live by. Quite naturally you expected everyone else would have to live by them too. If the Condo association has any control over the matter they should be made to enforce the covenants. If they refuse to do that I would refer the matter to a known attorney who has dealt in such matters. Usually, the Attorney’s letter advising all parties of your intended actions will provided the spark needed to remedy the problem. By the way, do you know who OWNs the rented condo? Possibly a member of the condo association or a relative of a member of the Condo association? Their lack of action is suspicious. I love dogs too and own several but failure to control them is not acceptable

  2. don n says:

    How much and when is the dog barking? Is the dog barking all during the night? Is it in the neighbor’s house when it barks? Do other people besides you have a problem with the dog? Do you have a quarrel with the woman next door and are you trying to use the dog to get her evicted?
    I get the impression that the situation has been looked into by the condo association and they don’t think there is any problem and you are just being petty.

  3. flafuncop says:

    As others have indicated dogs do normally bark, but when it becomes constant, loud and annoying it is a violation of a Florida city/county ordinance or laws, especially at night, but can occur anytime. I love dogs..but I also love sleep at night!

    I can relate. I had neighbors with 4 dogs that barked night and day non-stop and I work in law enforcement. Unfortunately I did not work in the City where I lived so I tried to talk to the offending party to no avail (renter). After about 5 calls to the local police department the owner was actually arrested for failing to heed their warnings! From that day forth I never heard a peep from a dog again.
    I would first try to talk to the person as it is inconsiderate for them to allow that to happen. If that doesn’t work I would call your local police department and see if they have a community policing division. If so ask to speak to the assigned officer for your area and explain the situation. They will resolve it and do not feel bad calling them as this is part of what they deal with in communities. If not, contact the police to report the situation, but keep in mind the officers must actually hear the dogs and find it to be in violation of the law. Its always good to meet with the officer and have him come in your home so he can hear how loud or how bad the problem is. You can also call animal control to check to see if the dog(s) are properly licensed etc.
    Dealing with condo associations is always unpleasant but you can try to also tell them your plan to see if they step up and intervene.
    I wish you all the best!!!

  4. SEA HAG says:

    A man wiser than me told me when i was a kid that "that is what dogs do." If you don’t like dogs,i would move.
    I guess it would come down to who was there first.I am not a fan of anyone who moves into a place and then try to change the status quo.

  5. Duh says:

    Don’t dogs normally bark?

  6. pallo says:

    Pjerry has given you great advice… I just would like to add. Try keeping a noise log. Also I recommend video tapping the noise level in your unit. I would try to find out who owns that unit. Approach other owners one of them may know who the owner is. If you find out who owns the unit. Call them or write them and alert them to the situation …they may be unaware that their tenant is keeping a dog. When you speak with the unit owner tell them if they do not remedy the situation you will sue them. Let them know that you have evidence. If that fails to produce results I would file the case in small claims court.

    You can figure out the cost by figuring how much your unit costs you daily and hourly and "bill" for the hours it is unusable by you.Show the judge the CONVENT about the dog rule, your log, and tapes of dog noise. If they fail to show in court some judges will award you a default judgment. If you cannot locate the owner SUE the condo

    I hope you get the peace you deserve.