help please i think my dog is depressed?


we are moving and have been packing our stuff in the U-Haul the past 3 days so we have no couch or beds in our house right now, and our dog is acting really funny, shes getting old but she usually is full of life, and for the past couple of days she has just been laying around, and not playing with our other dog! does she think we are leaving her behind or is it just because she is not used to the change (since she hasn’t seen change like this in 6 years!) we are moving from Utah to Arizona, will she run away and try to come back home?
by the way she isn’t that old like she’s not gonna die anytime soon!!!!!!!! she’s only 6 or 7!!!!!!

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    7 Responses to “help please i think my dog is depressed?”

    1. dogtrainer7 says:

      Dogs like stability so yeah she probably is depressed.
      You start changing her environment and they know something is going on.
      Chances are she will not run away as she is part of your pack and would be lost without it.
      She will get over it once their is stability for a period of time.
      Good Luck and God Bless

    2. walking lady says:

      She’s confused and nervous. Moving is hard on a dog – seeing all the stuff they’re used to not being there anymore. No, she won’t try to run away and come back home, but if you want to make things easy on her, what you can do is unpack all her stuff first and show her where it is. Put out her dishes, bed, toys, whatever she knows as hers. Try and arrange at least one corner in a room so she has something familiar around her, then she’ll feel more secure.

    3. Lyn B says:

      See if you can find her bed and get it back for her….until the last minute. You do your best to be calm and confident and consistent with her. Your calmness will help her to know all is OK. Make sure on the drive she gets lots of potty breaks ON LEASH And in the new home make sure she is secured so she doesn’t wander off. Most dogs like to investigate the new homes and it will be easy for her to get lost. Ask her vet for a copy of her records to take with you (and your other pets also. And ask him about giver the animals some motion sickness tablets (that will make them sleepy)

      It is said that the Cat goes with the house and the Dog goes with the people. So a dogs moving is usually much easier than moving an older cat. I’ve had to do both and all they need is for the owner to stay as uniform as possible. Keep things comfortable, Let her keep her toys and blankets in the car on the drive.

    4. Rotten Rotts says:

      She is just confused. Dogs don’t like changes in their homes. She will be find as soon as she sees everything in place at the new home.
      Have fun, I don’t envy you

    5. christine says:

      She will eventually come around in the end but just make sure to pay her loads of attention and keep her spirits up, when you move to Arizone please make sure to keep her enclosed in the garden/house or on a lead incase she does freak out a little at least until you and the dogs get used to the place.

      Good Luck with move


    6. lovemysaint says:

      i mean, dogs can get depressed, but i doubt thats what it is…as long as your with her she will be happy..i would say a vet check up…make sure nothing is wrong…you did say she was gettin old…

    7. Gerald H says:

      She might be distressed and depressed by all the upheaval since she doesn’t understand it. Once you move to Arizona, so long as you are all still there, there is no reason why she’d run away to go back to Utah. Home for her is NOT Utah. Home for her is you and all the other family members.

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