Help me with dog breeds!!!!! please…?


Ok im currently looking at the Saluki dog breed-!!saluki-165.jpg They are a good sized dog, but are more frail than buffed. Fore this is what i am looking at. I love the ancient and unique look in them… i’m also looking at borzoi’s- This is also a gorgeous dog breed.

If you guys no any other breeds similar to as i’ve described please help me… just list em up if you can think of any others! thanks bunches!!!

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    7 Responses to “Help me with dog breeds!!!!! please…?”

    1. ladystang says:

      then the other sight hounds are short coated.

    2. Eleazar says:

      The Afghan hound is virtually the same dog give or a couple more inches in the length of the coat.

    3. Dont Litter! Spay or Neuter says:

      Heres a group of sighthound breeds:

      Irish wolfhound
      Magyar agar
      Scottish deerhound
      Silken windhound

    4. Panthera Onca says:

      They are VERY different breeds you know? Behavior wise?

      Afghan hound:

    5. Rayven ~ Life's a B says:

      Google sighthounds

    6. Julie D. says:

      Afghan Hound
      Ibizan Hound
      Irish Wolfhound
      Pharaoh Hound
      Scottish Deerhound