help getting old pet stains from carpet!?

help getting old pet stains from carpet!?


My dog has made yellow stains all over a tan carpet, and i can’t do anything to remove them, they just won’t come out. I live in an apartment complex and would like to be able to get these out. I’ve tried: steam cleaning the carpet (rug doctor), resolve pet stain, spot shot stain remover, and even vinegar and water mixture, and nothing has worked. I would really like to hear suggestions on what does work and get these stains out of here!
-Also if anyone has any tips on how to pottytrain dogs 100%, i could use input on those as well. I work 65 hrs weekly so I’m gone alot during the day, and when someone is home, he will go sit next to the door when he has to go, but if nobody is there he just assumes he can go on the floor. He used to use puppy pads until he got older, and he knows that its bad bc he will hide when i spot a stain. I just don’t know what to do. =( please help!

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    1. armeli cresci says:

      AMAZING! You may also want to check out

    2. abitong staszak says:

      It’s AMAZING Is it you want?

    3. Scout says:

      I agree with Saaanen ^^^ Simple Solution works well.

      Another good option, for particularly tough stains, would be OUT! Pet Care’s Oxy-Fast Stain and Odor Remover.

      Hope this helps!

    4. T.Mac says:

      b12 automotive gas tank cleaner – no joke

      but really is being gone that much fair to the dog? emotional behavior problems will likely arise in them and be a real stress to you and him

    5. miraarts says:

      If you are working 65 hours a week you need to come home on your lunch break, hire a dog walker, ask a friend to let the dog out when you can’t, or find a new home for the dog. I hate to say that and I’m not trying to be mean, but if the dog has no other option but to relieve himself in the house, then that is what he will do. What would you do if you were locked in a giant box for 10 hours a day with no toilet in it?

      I highly recommend crate training and a diet schedule. Crate the dog when there is no one around to observe his behavior. Dogs are den dwellers and it goes against their instincts to dirty their own dwelling space. The crate should be the right size for your pooch, not too big and not to small, and it should be welcoming with a soft floor and some chew toys. My dog seemed more comfortable when his crate was covered with a blanket. Feed the dog on a regular schedule and you will find that he will fall into an elimination schedule. That way, you get more control of when he will need to go. Don’t feed him right before he goes in the crate. Scheduling meals is more effective with puppies (from what I’ve been told, I have only house trained a couple puppies, so I don’t know for sure,) but hopefully it will help with an older dog too.

      Google crate training, and I bet you will find a lot of helpful info. It really does work. you just have to stick with it for as long as it takes.

    6. saaanen says:

      It’s a total waste of time to worry about the carpet until you housebreak the dog. There are THOUSANDS of web sites with proper directions.

      If, and when you succeed, use Nature’s Miracle, or Simple Solution from the pet stores.