help gettin the smell of dog pee out of my carpet AND couch! HELP what should i do??


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    7 Responses to “help gettin the smell of dog pee out of my carpet AND couch! HELP what should i do??”

    1. Nicholas T says:

      there is a product called Oder Cide you can get it at walmart or your local grocery store.

    2. chas says:

      "Kids and pets stain and odor remover", it is awesome!!

    3. fluffernut says:

      The carpet may be the easiest. First, if you’ve already tried cleaning the carpet and the smell remains, the stink is in the pad below or onto the subfloor. Take a box cutter and remove the stinky area….cut three sides and fold back. Sniff the pad. If there, you need to replace that piece. Also check the subfloor underneath (I hope it’s plywood…not hardwood) Wash it. If that doesn’t stop the stink, paint it with Kilz or some other stain fighter paint ) Now tape down the new pad piece (OK, you can steal some pad from the carpet in the closet) and sniff the carpet again. If all is well, tape it back down…….use double sided carpet tape. Professionals use it when the "seam" wall to wall carpeting. You’ll never see the cut. If you can’t get the stink out of the carpet, go cut a patch from the closet and exchange with the stinky piece. Dog urine is pretty easy to get out…but you may need an enzyme cleaner for animals. Cat piss is far harder to eliminate. Don’t get a cat.

      Now as for the couch…….enzyme cleaner and blot, blot blot. You can even use the stuff in an upholstery cleaning machine. If the stink is in the foam……..sorry, you’ve got to replace that. Please tell me it’s only in the cushions!!! You can take the cushion to an upholster and have them do the switch if no zipper is found on the cushion.

    4. magsmum says:

      If you are willing to steam clean them, Bissell makes a cleaner specially formulated for pet stains and odors.

    5. Allie says:

      Arm & Hammer has a powder for pets that you sprinkle on an area and then vacuum off. It keeps the whole room smelling fresh after using it only once. If you don’t have a hand vacuum, try febreeze on the couch.

    6. gram says:

      Aside from shampooing your couch and carpet, maybe spray febreeze on there.

    7. IICRC Certified Carpet Pro says:

      Urine Off

      This is the only consumer product that has a professional level of enzyme and bacteria. Read there website for instructions.

      Natures miracle and tons of other products at petsmart, etc do not work anywhere as good