Help convincing my parents to get a "scary" dog. This is long!?


I’ve already gotten my parents to agree to a dog, we originally agreed on a wiener dog (daschund) but I’ve always really wanted a rottie. The only problem with this is my mom is afraid of them, along with german shepards, and dobermans. I think she was attacked or something. And my dad simply doesn’t want it because that can cause problems with insurance.
My reasons to convince them:
I take care of our other dog; I make sure he’s run every day, sometimes twice, I feed him, clean up after him, bathe him, clip his nails etc…
Our area isn’t an unsafe one but there have been stories of women being attacked on the trails around our area, more and more frequently this seems to be happening. I love my little lab but he’s just that, a lab, and not very intimidating. I want a dog that will stop an attacker in their tracks because they’ll be afraid to approach me. I want to go running on the trails with my dogs and feel safe.
My dad travels a lot and when he travels we always lock everything up because my mom and I are afraid, usually we don’t really care if things are locked (I know it’s stupid but the area is pretty safe). And I don’t think my mom trusts the lab to protect us, he’s cowardly.
I also used to work at a kennel for several years and during that time I met many rottie’s that were great, they were raised correctly and so sweet. I only ever met one that was mean and wouldn’t let anyone but the owner touch it. As long as they’re raised correctly it should be fine and nice.
Because I want to get it as a puppy and train it myself they’ll both be able to watch it grow up (which should set aside my mom’s fears).
My sister’s dog is half rottie/pit mix and my mom was afraid of him to begin with but after meeting him and seeing what a sweetheart he is she loved him.

So far those are my reasons, mainly for protection and they are amazing dogs. My final reason would be that I’m living at home and saving them a bundle of money by commuting to school- which they know I hate doing- but that’s just a totally last resort, doesn’t really look like I’m winning them over reason. So my question is, for all rottie owners, or anyone really how can I convince them that they have a warped perspective of these dogs and that what they see on TV isn’t real life? (which they know but you get the idea.)
I actually meant training it myself in the sense of obediance, not anything more than that. And I would never own a gun, that’s just stupidity. I’m already in college and have been for a few years now, I’m pretty set with where I am. I already know my plans for after graduation and (unfortunately) I’m staying here for a few more years, so the dog won’t be moving around or staying just with my parents.

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6 Responses to “Help convincing my parents to get a "scary" dog. This is long!?”

  1. BYB's ♥ Shelter Death says:

    "As long as they’re raised correctly it should be fine and nice"

    This right here tells me that you aren’t ready. Aggression, especially in these types of dogs, is often genetic. NO amount of training will cure it if you end up with a bad specimen of the breed. Rottie breeders know this and this is why they would never ever breed a rottie with any type of temperament issues.

    I also think you have the wrong idea about "protection" dogs. Yes, these breeds may be protective, but an ‘attacker’ with a gun, a bat, or a tazer will get rid of the dog rather quickly if they want into your home.

    Protection animals are very expensive and specifically bred and trained. YOU do not do protection training. You spend thousands of dollars with a protection trainer.

    Your dad is correct about insurance. Some insurance companies will not offer you homeowner’s insurance or liability insurance if you own a dog on their list. This frequently includes Rotties, GSD’s, Dobes, Pit Bull Breeds, Mastiffs, and other breeds deemed "aggressive".

    Protection trained dogs are also insurance liabilities. My city requires a special license, specific fences, specific insurance, and specific signage.

    If you feel that you are in danger, guns, alarms, and pepper spray are far more reliable.

    Any dog is a deterrant. If you already have a lab, stick with that. When you have money saved up and have a stable life, then look into a Rottie. Right now, it just doesn’t seem right. And no responsible breeder would place a dog into a home without a family agreement and as a "protection" dog that’s not going to enter specific protection training.

  2. Jai J says:

    i have a rotti x and he is a very intelligent dog all rotti are but they need to be trained and there brain needs to be stimulated a lot other wise they go stupid and silly but they are great dogs if you are willing to put in the time if you have him around a lot of people he wont be a biter but will still scare people if they try to break in and they dont cost that much to feed i give my dog a kilo of pet mince a day and you can buy that from the butchers for 90 cents a kilo and then i give him a bowl of dry that last him about 2-3 days so there that expensive

  3. Brian D says:

    big no on help wit the rot. make a deal look up the american bull dog. they are grate for what you are looking for the big strong look mean will protect but grate family dog.and your mom will love lots of reading first though and make a case like you going to is the sites you need (

  4. Kelli Rose W says:

    I think you just need to explain to your mom the facts. It doesn’t matter the breed of dog, if you treat the dog like dirt you will get a dog with bad behavior. Also explain to her that must of the dog attacks are caused by:

    A) the dog has been adused
    B) the dog is a male who has not been fixed
    C) the attack was brought on by the person who was bite.
    D) She has a greater chance of being hit by lightening than killed by a dog.
    Dogs like pitbulls and rotties are some of the must abused dogs you will ever meet. And even than they show love and affection. Here let her watch this video: This Hector he was one of the Michael Vick dogs, once labeled as the most agressive dogs in the world. Leo one of the dogs is actually a threapy dog one of only 50 pitbulls who are.

  5. Corn is not dog food! No wheat! says:

    I think you should wait.

    You ADMITTED you aren’t ready for a dog by saying you commute to school and are trying to save money. Rotties can be expensive. Feed bills alone will be larger than that of a Doxie. And, if you’re saving, do you really want the added expense of a big dog?

    Plus, it is your parent’s house. Chances are, when you do get out on your own you’ll have to spend a few years working a lot and establishing yourself in your field. Where will the dog be then? With your parents? How is it fair to leave them with a dog they don’t want?

    They should get a Doxie if they want one.
    You should get your Rottie once you have a house, a yard, a salary, and the time to devote to one.

    Sorry, I know that’s not what you want to hear.

  6. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie ♪♫ says:

    ultimately its going to be your parents decision.. they are the ones who have to live with the dog when you move out and go off to college or get your own place… if you’re thinking you will just take the dog with you, think again.. few colleges allow dogs in the dorms, and its limited to a few dorm rooms, a long waiting list for those rooms, and also size restrictions on the dogs. As for your own place, its hard to find affordable housing when you start out, its nearly impossible to find affordable housing that allows dogs.. most aparments also have size and breed restrictions.. the breeds you listed are often restricted.

    As for protecting yourself on trails.. just use common sence, dont go by yourself, go as a group. An attacker is more likely to prey on someone who is alone. A person is not likely to bother you if you have a dog at all.. it doesnt matter if the dog is intimidating or not.. predators know that ALL dogs have the potential to bite, or even bark and attract attetion.

    As for safety of the home.. if you’re that concerned, get a security system. Most intruders dont bother with a home that they know has a dog.. dog bark and alert, and intruders dont like anything that will alert! A Dachshund is actually a great alarm dog.

    Your dad is right about the insurance.. insurance companies can deny to insure your property if you have certain breeds. You may also be required to carry extra insurance if you have a particular breed.. meaning, you may end up paying quite a bit just to get insurance that will cover you and your dog.

    Be glad your parents agreed to get another dog.. you can make the decision of what breed to get when you have your own place, and you pay the bills.