Heating a Dog Outdoor Dog house?

Heating a Dog Outdoor Dog house?


I am trying to figure out a solution to heating my dog’s house during the winter. The dog can no longer come inside due to my new roommates allergies. I need a suggestion for a battery powdered heating device that I can mount in the top of his kennel. I can not run power to his dog house because it is about 20 ft behind my house and I am not sure there is any safe way to run an extension cord through the yard. Any suggestions are welcomed.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. The situation is a lil more complicated than I described (trying to keep it short and sweet) My roommate cannot take allergy meds for various reasons and my dog is an outside dog. I usually only bring him in during the cold nights since I live in the south, we don’t have too much of a winter. I don’t own the property, I rent so I really can’t make modifications to the wiring. His kennel is in the position where it is at because there is a concrete slab there and his very large house can sit on it without killing my landlords grass. I realize that these are not the ideal conditions for having a pet but he is a rescue pitbull and I felt like it was better than letting the pound put him down. I appreciate the advice but am very surprised at how judgmental some of the comments are. I am trying to make a bad situation best for all involved. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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    1. Leigh says:

      I have FOUR dogs in my house and I am allergic to dogs. Tell your roommate to deal with it or move. Bring the poor dog back indoors. Your roommate, if he/she is certain that they are allergic to dogs, certainly also has an allergist to help him/her deal with the allergy. Immunotherapy, antihistamines, general cleanliness of home and dog, air purifier, etc. will help the roommate deal with the dog.

    2. ɱẫɳ ợƒ ɱ¥şŧƹ╓ƴ says:

      Stuff the dog house with loose straw. Unless the temperature is dipping below MINUS 10F degrees you don’t need heat in there. Farm dogs don’t get heated kennels – they get a pile of straw to sleep in.


    3. www.TheBirdWarehouse.com says:

      You can buy a heated pet mat and run an extension cord that should help but I like the good insulation for the dog house idea too and they make heavy duty hanging plastic strips like for a freezer for the entrance way to help keep heat in too. If you are worried about the extension cord coming apart try putting electrical tape around the connection to keep it from coming loose. Here is a link to the heat pad it lays on the floor. http://thebirdwarehouse.com/medium-plastic-heated-pet-mat.html

    4. Learning Daily says:

      Sorry, your roommate knew you had a dog when they moved in.

      So HE/SHE would be going to the doctor for allergy shots.
      And Investing in a Orec Air Purifier

      my dog would be staying in the house and not resigned to live outside in the yard. No Pet deserves a life of being chained to a dog house or kenneled out doors away from his beloved people. Its cruel and feels to him, just like you being dumped by a close friend or family member without a reason why.

    5. Mike! says:

      Your not going to find an efficient way to heat anything "battery powered"…..sorry. Your going to need power out to the dog house, whether you hard wire it or use an extension cord. And I’m personally not a fan of letting a dog live outside in extreme temps anyway. If your that worried about the dog being outside right now then it probably shouldn’t be there.

    6. MamaBas says:

      Erm who is in charge here – you or your new room-mate? For me, I’d put my room mate outside before my dog was banished out there. I can’t give you any ideas re heating outside, other than a heat-lamp or heating pad, both of which need electricity, and for it to stay on. It’s darned cold pretty where everywhere this winter (N.hemisphere) and unless your dog is used to being out (and has the coat growth to fit) he needs to be indoors. Look for a new room-mate.

    7. <3 Cris*Ronaldo <3 says:

      Sorry but your roomate should have to deal with it or move out or keep the dog on a diff. level. dont make him sleep outside alone in the cold. but yeah move it closer if your really going to. But for a dog that’s never lived outside before he won’t understand why he’s banished to the outdoors now.

    8. the DT says:

      First off heat rises so it would be better to heat from the bottom if possible. In the meantime straw is the best to insulate the floor with. Also make sure your dog’s house isn’t too large for the breed and that there is a covering at the opening. Last but not least, is there any reason your roommate can’t take allergy pills?

    9. Lindsay B says:

      Why would you take in a roommate, and toss your dog outside? Poor dog, just re home it, or find a new roomie.

    10. Aware says:

      What kind of dog is it?

      I would NOT go with a battery powered heater…..what happens if the battery dies in the middle of the night? The dog will freeeeze until you notice the heater isn’t working. Not to mention the batteries themselves will freeze!!! Save up the money and hire an electrician to properly install a heater…..20ft isn’t that far.

      Personally I’d move out, or I’d find a new roommate that doesn’t have allergies. I would NEVER put my dogs out! Keep in mind that your dog may undergo stress or behavior changes due to the fact that you are suddenly making him/her live outside.

    11. Dances With Woofs! says:

      Tell your roommate to take antihistamines. No way would my dog be thrown outside because someone had allergies. How would you like to be stuck outside,20 feet away from any human contact? The dog is suffering from loneliness and he is also cold. Bring him in or find him a new home.

    12. pingle says:

      can u get some kind of gas powered generator so that you can put electric in it? then you could use heating lamps or something like that, but please make sure you know what you are doing and dont just throw something together. could be dangerous and horrible if there where to be an accident. plus is your dog used to being out there? i feel bad for your pup to be locked out there.

    13. Tom C says:

      Move the dog house closer during the winter.

    14. tercir2006 says:

      Batteries are not the answer. Since you say the run is some 20 feet, there are outdoor extension cords longer than that. My cat (and they have them for dogs too) has a bed warmer that he loves to sleep in. He has arthritis and the warm bed helps him, he’s old – but indoors.

      Last winter I bought my neighbor a heated water dish. His dogs were always licking the ice of their frozen water dishes before this. It works by keeping the water at a maximum of 40 degrees F. However, putting a heater in the dog house can be dangerous. The dog’s hair can clog it and start a fire, so please don’t do that.

      Last winter I also helped my neighbor build a new dog house with insulation and vinyl covering the opening. Combined with their (two dogs) body heat, the insulation, and the flap that prevents the warmth from pouring out like water out of a bucket keeps the dogs warm enough. However, he hasn’t put a bed warmer in their house because one of the dogs has anxiety and tends to chew things up. The water dish is powered from house current but the power line is protected with bricks and pipes. The dog can NOT chew through that.