Heated water bowl?


I just purchased a heated water bowl for a dog. It says not to use and extension cord with it, but the nearest oulet requires one. Will it really hurt to use an extension cord with this product?
Yes the dog really needws to be outside. She is a husky so being outside is fine and she has an insolated shed and plenty bedding. Not that that has anything to do with the question I asked.

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    3 Responses to “Heated water bowl?”

    1. Mikey Poo says:

      Does your dog really have to live outside in the cold? So sad.

    2. horse crazy says:

      I don’t know why it would say no extension cord unless it was to ensure the dog wouldn’t trip. I don’t think that it would hurt, but you may want to research the product, I wouldn’t want to cause a fire when I could’ve prevented it.

    3. wheel says:

      they have to say that for liability reasons.. HOWEVER. I would recommend that you use a heavy duty out door extension cord designed to carry the electrical load used by the water bowl. ALSO make sure that the cord is not laying in water or wet areas. you can also buy different tapes to cover the plug into the extension cord. but make sure you are using quality stuff designed to be used outside… go to home depot or a hardware store with folks knowledgeable about electrical items.