Have you ever heard of people having their dog use the toilet bowl as their MAIN water bowl?

Have you ever heard of people having their dog use the toilet bowl as their MAIN water bowl?


Some people I knew a while back got mad at me, because after I was done using the john, I left the bowl cover closed.

They told me that the toilet bowl was the dog’s water bowl…

I was like, "What the f*ck?!"

Anyway, they’re long gone now… but… seriously, who does that?
@Bunnava: This was definitely a toilet being used for human waste. Trust me.

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9 Responses to “Have you ever heard of people having their dog use the toilet bowl as their MAIN water bowl?”

  1. Munchkin says:

    it has been my experience that every large dog will drink from the toilet … i personally find that disgusting and when dog sitting large dogs i put the seat down … and the people i know who allow their dogs to do this, see nothing wrong with it … i would like to see them drink toilet water exclusively …

  2. ³ §єχẙ яєxχẙ --------------------- éáŧ ɱƹ±áº«é says:

    It is not uncommon in our house to hear the toilet lid slam down at night even though it is left down when we retire for the evening.

    Both the dog and the two cats will raise the lid to drink from the toilet regardless of the fact that they have clean water in their respective bowls. Neither is it uncommon to discover a cat with a wet head as a result of falling into the toilet whilst drinking.

  3. Voelven says:

    Ugh, that’s just disgusting. I haven’t heard of it in real life, only in those silly movies with "slob moves into household with dog" or "dog owning slob".

  4. ? says:

    That is so gross and downright creepy and bad for their dog! ive never heard of it ewwwww!

  5. MamaBas says:

    Not only is this a filthy thing to allow, it could be downright dangerous if somebody adds cleaner to the bowl (which presumably people do occasionally!!) and the dog is in the habit of drinking out of it. It’s lazy too – dogs should have a clean (daily if not more often) water bowl for their water, not be left to get it from the toilet bowl.

    I’ve heard people allowing this too. Shudder.

  6. Danielle M. says:

    yes i have heard of this..it really isn’t bad as long as the toilet water is clean and doesn’t have pee or poop in it. The water in a toilet is no different the the water that come out from your tap. All the same. and the water is always fresh and cold that way too.
    But people that let their dog do that i think is lazy and not around enough to water their dog the right way..

  7. keezy says:

    It is not all that unusual for people with large bred dogs.
    I know one dog that has water available all day in a bowl but loves the "fresh water" after a flush.
    The toilet in that house is kept VERY clean – and as for using "chemicals" it clean it – we use those in the dishwasher as well

  8. Nekkid Truth! says:

    lazy, ignorant people do that.

    too lazy to fill a water bowl

    too ignorant to think about the amount of bacteria in the toilet bowl.. and also consider the fact that you use chemicals to clean it (if they dont clean it, well- that goes back to laziness)

  9. BunnuvaSitch says:

    I’ve heard of people who have built rooms in their homes and installed working toilets for just that purpose.

    Yeah I’ll take a purposely-installed toilet for dog drinking over a toilet used by humans any day. That is indeed weird, unsanitary, and as another answerer mentioned, lazy on the owner’s part.