Has anyone heard of a dog having cloven pads?


My Black Lab Puppy has two pads that look like the shape of a cloven hoof. It’s his front two pads on all of his feet, they look just like the shape of a deer’s hoof. They feel normal and the pads on the side of them are normal, I’m just curious if anyone else has seen something like it. All of the other puppies I have had didn’t have anything like this.

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    4 Responses to “Has anyone heard of a dog having cloven pads?”

    1. Haley says:

      My black lab puppy (14 weeks) also has this cloven foot, the base of the pads is joined. We got her in the UP of Michigan.

    2. Toki W says:

      Nope never heard of it thogh my daschund’s legs go out far its a birth defect that won’t hurt him thats probably what your dog has

    3. chris b says:

      sounds interesting ,a picture would be helpful
      it is a probably birth defect.
      a octopus born with only 6 tentacles was recently found

    4. hellosunshine_hb says:

      I’ve never seen it… but your vet would be the best person to ask, to find out whether or not it is something to worry about.

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