Bump a cute little Bear cub trying to get in a bucket

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    25 Responses to “GRIZZLY BEAR CUB IN A BUCKET”

    1. bellahorse151 says:

      omg! I want one!! Where do i buy one?? Not only cute when their small!!!

    2. AcidfartProductions says:

      I want a bear in a bucket

    3. nerdStarwars says:

      @Gurkmeja66 coward

    4. pplsuq says:

      that’s ADORABLE

    5. louisrk says:

      Five people couldn’t fit in the little blue bucket.

    6. ltsjack says:

      I hope you let him play in the bath tub after this, lol 😛

    7. GingersAreNOThumans says:

      Give that poor bear a bath for christ’s sake. He wants it so badly…

    8. man20202020 says:

      So cute ,,,, are they waiting for his mom ….i hope not lol

    9. sunscapewings says:

      Get him a little poooool!

    10. screwed124816 says:

      I WANT ONE

    11. waerii says:

      @M2SWEDEN He doesn’t broadcast them like they’re his own 😛 He gives the people who put the video up the credit they deserve, not stealing according to me 🙂 c’mon dude, get a job and move out of your mom’s basement instead.

    12. Rajnoma says:

      What a cutie dootie of a cubbie! This is such an adorable bear video. I “faved” it and will watch it whenever I feel blue. What a sweetie! I love how he tries to get into that bucket. I’d love to have this bear for my own! Thanks for sharing this one!

    13. brandazn says:

      that poor woman getting mauled by that deranged bear at the end of the video

    14. str4tegix says:

      How great it could be if some owns a young grizzli bear =)

    15. J0KERN666 says:

      0:17 – 0:18 keep clicking and it looks like the cub is claping its paws<3333333

    16. PliktaSmok says:

      I can’t take it anymore. I WANT THAT BEAR! Cuteness factor: OVER 9K!

    17. Marlonasuar says:

      At 0:24 she has such a manly voice.

    18. XKandoomagicX says:


    19. SoderberGMusic says:

      He’s like: “Where’s the fish!?!?”

    20. mikerakk says:

      Even if you think he’s cute while playing with a bucket of water, I still think it would be cuter if he went on a walk with his mommy bear. This little bear belongs in the wilderness and not in some kind of zoo.

    21. FalloutEpic3 says:

      @M2SWEDEN Did I now? I’ve NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER seen a comment like that on a RWJ video, but why am I trying to explain this to you, when you won’t even care just write whatever you want because you are always right and so wonderful, I didnt copy it, I really despise people like you, going on the internet just to hate on people that make more money than you.

    22. kickthelord says:


    23. M2SWEDEN says:


      Wow, what a funny comment. The funniest part is that I saw this comment on another video before you sent one. You truly are a RWJ fan considering you yourself are just copying something and presenting it as your own. 🙂 Hahahahaha fuck man, you just made a fool out of yourself.

    24. daviddavve says:

      i want a bear! :O

    25. SpitfireSweden says:

      I love the guy who says with serious voice “Hey you’re all wet, NO ONES GONNA PET YOU NOW”