Grandaddy – Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake (live)


Live La Route Du Rock 2003

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20 Responses to “Grandaddy – Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake (live)”

  1. w1ll3m5 says:

    same but in a snowboarding movie, epic song for that kinda stuff 🙂

  2. goeglein says:

    Zack Galifinakis on keyboards.

  3. SaintLemons says:

    great editing whoever did

  4. AskMitchJackson says:

    @ShadowMoses12 Hell yah 😀

  5. Stillillgal says:

    its magic

  6. thedustcart says:

    GAWD i loved Grandaddy!!

  7. AskMitchJackson says:

    @ShadowMoses12 I love longboarding to this song xD

  8. slippage10 says:

    @bobotronrobo learn to spell at least

  9. wooddsam says:

    then you’ve never been to a live show. Everything sounds terrible ‘live’ if it’s recorded.

  10. bobotronrobo says:

    the song itself like in a vid edited is 20x better no offence but it sounds like crap live every song doez

  11. taitropic says:

    thx for posting!

  12. GiraffeMoo says:

    True Dat!

  13. ShadowMoses12 says:

    I also heard them on a skate video, just longboarding instead of technical. Awesome song to skate to either way

  14. GiraffeMoo says:

    I’ve been trying to find this song live for soooo long!!!! this is the song that got me into them, it was from a skate video.
    if you want to see what i mean, search for
    “Cale Nuske – Cliche – Bon Appetite”

  15. begothic2 says:

    very awesome

  16. SHAKTIVVAAN says:

    a h a h a h a h, i like it a lot -_-) T H X

  17. 9XMxOxSxHX9 says:

    this song is rediculously chill
    luvv it!

  18. flyingsuperpetis says:

    this song is just deliriously great

  19. defgmx says:

    This song is cool! Great owlbum

  20. dalton10 says:

    Jason Lytle – a craftsman with no peer!