Good Crates for transporting small dogs?


I need to travel on a city bus with my dog, the rule where I live is that you are allowed to bring a dog on a city bus if they are in a cage. The people that work at the bus station made it clear that they have to be in a cage, that means not a stroller, carrier, or leash.

So, I have a dog stroller for my dog, i realize that dogs need their excersize too and this dog stroller only gets used in situations where the dog is not allowed to be running around freely (malls, stores, most public places….). I want to put a small cage/crate inside the stroller so that my dog will be allowed on the bus with me, i would obviously buy a padding kit so that she does not get hurt in a cage on a moving bus.

my dog is a larger shih-tzu (about 18 lbs) and I was wondering if anybody knows about any good dog crates that would be good for this situation, i was thinking maybe something with a shorter roof, or maybe some special design that i have never heard of.

thanks in advance

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    2 Responses to “Good Crates for transporting small dogs?”

    1. The Greek says:

      Have you considered a soft crate? it’s very portable.

      Seems perfect for your situation.

    2. Jo says:

      I use soft crate for road trips.

      I use hard one for travel via airplane.

      good luck and have fun!