Giving a stubborn dog his pills?


My dog is on meds for arthritis. He will not take a pill voluntarily to save his life. If I smother it in peanut butter he licks the peanut butter off. If I wrap it in bread he eats the bread and spits the pill out because he’s such an insufferably dainty eater. If I hide it in food he eats around it.

I have to shove it down his throat with my hand, which I’m fine doing, but there has to be a quicker and easier way. Are there any little pill feeders or anything I can buy so I don’t have to shove my fist halfway down his poor little throat? lol
I’ll elaborate. Stuffing it in anything doesn’t work. He always finds it. 😛
I’ll elaborate. Stuffing it in anything doesn’t work. He always finds it. 😛

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    11 Responses to “Giving a stubborn dog his pills?”

    1. shopgirll11 says:

      Yes, he needs them. If he won’t let you do it…consider taking him to a vet to do it instead.
      Good Luck!

    2. garfieldrulz says:

      Have you tried cheese? And I mean take a piece of wrapped cheese fold in half, squash it up, roll into a ball then give it to him. One with pill one without. That’s how I get mine to take pills. Also if you have another dog around, most don’t wanna share nummies, so he’ll just swallow it fast so the other dog doesn’t get any. Might also ask if vet can get the pills in tablet form so you can cut it smaller, less likely for your dog to hunt through it,

    3. Kelly says:

      My vet said that if you stick it in his mouth hold his mouth shut and blow on his face he might swallow it I usually just wrap mine in cheese though

    4. Shatt says:

      There are pill pockets, pill guns, and (my personal favorite) shoving it in a small slice of chicken or cheese.

    5. Heather says:

      I’ve been having the same problem with my dog, except shoving it down her throat DOESN’T work for her. With mine since it was a capsule i open it and put the powder in a little water and used a dropper to make her take maybe you can try that. Also there is something you can buy to get it down his throat..i never used one tho so i’m not sure what its called. Hope i helped some

    6. $0.02 REMAINS says:

      Either crush up the pill or open and empty the capsule and mix the powder or gel into his food that way.

    7. SunkillerJC200 says:


    8. Hey, You! Outta the gene pool! says:

      I stick it in a small piece of cheese. Just big enough to cover it, not big enough that it has to be chewed. Or give it with a tiny piece of bacon. No dog can refuse bacon! LOL

      Don’t crush it or open it if it is a gelcap…some of these pills might be time released and if you crush it, it could cause problems!

    9. Nnnnn says:

      You need to find something he really likes, like raw meat or chicken liver, wrap it in this and you should be good to go!

    10. livin life says:

      I use pill pockets fron the vet, or petsmart.

    11. Dark Fairy says:

      yes, there is a very handy pill feeder for dogs that vets have. i know this because i was working with vets for a month on work experience…but im not sure if they can be bought, so just go into your local vet and ask them.

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