Girl throws bucket of puppies into RIVER!! (my reaction)

Girl throws bucket of puppies into RIVER!! (my reaction)


video here: An outrage has broken out as some woman throws a numerous amount of puppys into a fast moving river.

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    25 Responses to “Girl throws bucket of puppies into RIVER!! (my reaction)”

    1. xBABYGaming says:

      This video is humane compared to asian lady kills kitten with 4 inch heels.

    2. Disgaea123 says:

      everybody we nees to go to the bitches house and get pedos and murderers after her and kill and rape the biitch thumbs this up

    3. Disgaea123 says:

      maybe we should go to her with alot of pedos murders to her house thumbs this this up if you want to

    4. fluffycheez says:

      i will FUCKING cut off her head gut her then chuck her in the river

    5. fluffycheez says:

      im gunna fucking cut of her head gut her then chuck her in the river

    6. helloztalkz says:


    7. JakeMJLover says:

      1) Hold your breath.

      2) Copy all of these steps.

      3) Go to two other video.

      4) Paste it in the comments.

      If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a good breath holderer.

    8. MrBonerboy0 says:

      @MrBonerboy0 thank you very much good man are you selling puppies?

    9. EVIL1357 says:


    10. jasturino says:

      what do i think…?……i think that fucking little cunt should have her fucking head cut off….and the same goes for the fucker that filmed her…2 lowlife scumbags that deserve to die….we need to track these heartless evil peices of shit down and do whats right…

    11. TheLockerzAddict says:

      u got blowjob lips

    12. ChuggaaKeithRoy says:

      Puppies dont deserve this kind of respect and that twisted girl deserves to be in a whale attack instead of the other innocent trainer killed by the whale…Thumbs up if u agree

    13. AllyssiaManning says:

      true bra, someone needs to launch that slut into a river!
      i cried when i seen this video.. my jaw just dropped! stupid hoe.
      seriously.. that shits fucked up.. i hope her parents are proud! -.- hmm

    14. strukenlove says:

      im not having a blonde moment here like DUHHH but ~ thoses puppies would’ve friken died!! somebody should throw her in a river!!! I WOULD HATE TO SHE WHAT SHE WOULD DO TO HER DOG IF SHE HAS ONE

    15. FiTzyFiTzG3RalD says:

      gingers have souls but this bitch obviously doesn’t

    16. FleshPound11 says:

      @xEoDxBeAsTx2 i did

    17. xEoDxBeAsTx2 says:

      i almost cried :”(

    18. JcRealz1 says:

      Its okay though, cause this girl will burn in hell… I hope.

    19. MyDearIndigoRose says:

      i feel absolutely sick. it blows my mind that someone would EVER even think of doing that. just thinking of the puppies drowning in that river– uhhh im DISGUSTED.

    20. MsSammyb15 says:

      Dude!!!!!who does shit like that?!?!?! I feel like holdin her head under ice water!!!

    21. chuckypratola13 says:

      Like that’s like throwing children in a river

    22. athelia4444 says:

      @samanthagax22 Amusing question. Amusing statement. Chicks don’t have a “gender” tendency to hurt animals, but they do have the tendency to poke other girls’ eyes out. And that’s how guys win :))

    23. taribu519 says:

      I have a sweet little bigel puppy named henry that’s very dear to me. how can you do something like this? what a cold hearted pathic unfeeling whore

    24. carlgeers says:

      Ah.. she’ll make a fine mother some day. So much love in her heart!

    25. 123proskiier says: