. Freaking out! im not sure if i had a dream or if i was awake but it felt very much real?


around 3 in the morning i heard what sounded almost like a horse walking around… [ i live in san bernardino ca] i sat up in bed and thought maybe it was our dog [we have a shepard who sleeps inside] i then heard scratching on the back door so i figured " oh dobi [our dog] must be outside i tried to wake up my husband and he told me no baby dobi is inside. i tried to go back to sleep when i heard the scratching again and i figured my husband was just to lazy to let her back in. i started to get up when i heard our dog in the room with us breathing… i then froze and i heard [again what sounded like a horse] walking away… i heard it go from the back to the side to the front of the house [clicking noise like a horse walking] and then it just kept walking getting further and further till i didnt hear it anymore… i know i was awake… the only thing thats keeping me from going insane is thinking maybe i WAS asleep?? i get chills just thinking about it…

does anyone know if people still maybe ride horses in san bernardino… [say near the 210 and H on/off ramp in the residential area?] or another explanation??

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    4 Responses to “. Freaking out! im not sure if i had a dream or if i was awake but it felt very much real?”

    1. Zia Lucia says:

      Your best course is to set the fear aside and try to think clearly. I suspect Baby Dobie is a Doberman Pincher? Or a German Shepherd mix? Having had 5 Dobes of my own and a Shepherd mix now, I can assure you with confidence that Baby Dobie would have let you know with no doubts had there been a horse or any other type of large animal outside your house.

      Noises sound different at night when we cannot use our eyes to determine the source of the sound. What sounds like it is coming from a doorway or from beneath the bed might be something in the next room. . . or from inside the walls where the water pipes are expanding and contracting. What sounds like hoof beats in the middle of the night would probably sound very different in the middle of the day. In fact, you probably DO hear the same noise in the middle of the day, when it is not frightening at all.

      No need to fear you are going insane. We all get scared over stuff when we are half asleep. That’s a big reason why it’s always wise to have a good dog close by, just in case.

    2. Shari G says:

      Maybe someone’s horse got out and wondered your way. Maybe you have a deep seated desire to own a horse. So your mind made it real for a few minutes, why didn’t you get a flash light and check it out?

    3. The Great Brandini says:

      maybe you were sleepwalking and dreaming at the same time. It’s been known to happen. Maybe next time you should turn on the light. If you weren’t reaming you would have enough sense to turn on the light.

    4. Jen says:

      that’s really weird and creepy. I’m not sure what it could have been, but think hard, you should know if you were awake or not