fold up dog crate for a big dog that folds up as small as possible?


my husband does K9 search and rescue. he currently has a wire crate for his search dog that folds up flat but it still takes up way too much space and is not great to carry everywhere with him like he needs to. we train Bloodhounds so the crate needs to be big enough for a 95 pound dog. does anyone know of a good crate for a big dog that folds up as small as possible so it can easily be thrown in a car without taking up too much space? the crate we are currently using is 42" wide by 26" long.

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3 Responses to “fold up dog crate for a big dog that folds up as small as possible?”

  1. Giagal says:

    This is the crate I use. I bought the large and it is the same size as the one you are using now, but it folds up pretty small.

  2. Alesi's Chis Suspended AGAIN says:

    I’ve never seen a crate that folds at the sides (what you’d need to make it smaller than the 42"), and I would think that it would compromise the strength of the crate if it did.

    @ Giagal – how does that crate fold up any smaller than the one she already has? It doesn’t. They ALL fold flat

  3. WyrDachsie says:

    I don’t know if this would be the kind of crate you would be considering, but have you thought about using the material fold up crate? It might take up the same amount of room, but at least it would be lighter to carry.

    Also, there are crates that we use in agility, that are sort of like "pop-ups", you pull a chord and it opens, made out of like parachute material, it folds up into a bag. Something like this: or check CleanRun they have another type of nylon pop-up crate also, there’s another type of pop-up that folds like an umbrella and I think it’s called the Umbra Pet Tent.

    I have friends who have the Umbra Pet Tent and they love it, they have medium sized dogs though, ones a Portie and the other is a Beardie.

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