FiFi on auto pet feeder


My dog is using this automatic pet feeder..!!very convenience & save lots of time..& you will never forget to feed your pets..

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    9 Responses to “FiFi on auto pet feeder”

    1. quicksilverkern says:


    2. bender1011001 says:

      That dog needs the all you can eat rig. I’m not trying to be rude but your dog is under weight…atleast in this vid. Cool device…maybe set it to give more though.

    3. complexkitty says:

      The dog was obviously not getting enough to eat. Poor thing. I hope it’s gotten a little fatter since then.

    4. Jahnsie says:

      Thumbs up!

    5. Ambersparkle says:

      Poor dog.. LOL

    6. agentbong138 says:

      I hope that’s not all this dog eats a day… even 3 times a day. That dog needs a lot more to eat

    7. eddieyorke says:

      yay another device that keeps us from interacting with our pets…. why buy animals if you dont want to take care of it?

    8. BowlingFreak218 says:

      ur dogs looking pretty thjin. if u wnt to u should feed it more. eh what do i no

    9. tangofizz77 says:

      thin dog but cool and cute!