Fermi Learns to Go Up the Stairs!


Fermi has always been deathly afraid of our stairs.. but he got the courage to go up them finally! Fermi has arthritis, a common ailment to Flemish Giants. Because of this, Fermi never nears the stairs. He struggles with going down them so we usually have to carry him. Fermi is 2 years old and weighs in at 20 pounds. He’s litterbox trained, sleeps under our bed every night, and has free run of the house. Flemish Giants make WONDERFUL pets. They are the perfect mix between a dog and a cat.

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    25 Responses to “Fermi Learns to Go Up the Stairs!”

    1. bigorangetrucker says:

      geez… let your rabbit alone for a few minutes of the day.

      our rabbits come to us and lick our shoes when we get home…

    2. RealspitHiphop604 says:

      holy crap he is HUGE!

    3. EmmaSarah1989 says:

      he is so well behaved!
      my rabbit bits my walls and carpits.
      ive try everthing to stop him.
      any help?

    4. ripoph says:

      @KAIIIYO always put him i his litter box when he is doing this. he will hopefully get the association. be very patient, and never scold your bunny.

    5. KAIIIYO says:

      hey i love your bunny videos !
      i got a little bunny a month ago .
      i started letting it out of its cage a few days ago
      but i have a problem
      when its in its cage it will pee and poo at one place in a cat litter box
      but when its out even though it has access to its cage it pees in this one corner next to my dogs food and climbs on the sofa and poops there
      how can i teach it to go back to its cage and do it there ?

    6. ManooXMuffins says:

      My bunny learned how to go up the stairs when he was 4 months old 🙂

    7. upthegoatass27 says:

      Oh how cute! This reminds me of me when my partner tries to bond with the bunny. “Don’t do this, She is weird about being touched there, come here Diam, come to mum! etc”

    8. sp4cepope says:

      cue divorce in 5…4…3..2..

    9. taltigolt says:

      gotta love when you search fermi (codename for nvidias next graphics card) you get this

    10. dualdiabolo says:

      I want one!!:D:D

    11. direskill says:

      Ya, I’d like to know too

    12. magic4Getii says:

      “hes too big. he cant get his butt on that” LOL

    13. MaRiEl9090 says:

      ha he is so cute how old is he? i have a 12 week old Flemish giant and hes already 8 lbs!!!! his name is jumbo LOL haa

    14. amourkellie says:

      i love how you call him puppy, haha

    15. AyakoTachi says:

      how do you find if they have arthritis?

    16. takaylaalicia says:

      did you hear that in the back the man said fuck you in on 2:13 listen

    17. Beautiine says:

      yaayy!! he can go up stairs!!
      a treats for you <3 ^^

    18. kakwalker says:

      He is great! I cannot wait to get one of my own someday. I love rabbits. I currently have two, but they are only half the size of yours!

    19. rainbowrealms says:

      A totally gorgeous and clever bunny!!!

    20. OoCINoO says:

      HE IS BIG!!!!!!!!!! AWW!! (^.^)

    21. pseudocaveman says:

      Aww, so cute. =]

    22. gallop24 says:

      omg i love his big ears

    23. m3lodyproz says:

      fermi is a cute boy in my sch…

    24. soph7133 says:

      So cute! Smart bunny!

    25. yahoo1o1 says:

      aww so sweet:x does he sleep under your bed cause his scared?