Family Adopts Fallen Marine’s Working Dog


Coverage of today’s adoption of Eli, a USMC infantry explosives detector dog, by the family of Marine Corps Private First Class Colton W. Rusk, a military working dog handler, who died in combat on Dec. 6, 2010, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The Marine Corps granted the adoption of Eli by the parents of Pfc Rusk, Darrell and Kathy Rusk of Orange Grove, Texas. If you like this video take a look at some of the over 2200 other videos with 12 million views on this channel! Friend us on FaceBook at “Military Videos” or on Twitter at “3rdID8487”.

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    13 Responses to “Family Adopts Fallen Marine’s Working Dog”

    1. MrFFSMAN says:

      now that’s a bargain …

    2. nbaustin says:

      Eli will be so loved by your family. RIP Pfc. Rusk. Thank you for serving this country.

    3. ivam0513 says:

      She was not asking more about Eli…if you knew them as we do, you would know exactly what she was talking about. Since Eli meant so much to Colton, he means that much to the family. Colton is smiling…his family is together now. We miss you. We love you…

    4. EliManningFan896 says:

      Aww! God bless our beautiful soldiers. They’re the reason why our country still stands today. And God Bless little Eli. Who shares the same name as my favorite quarterback and my math teacher.

    5. 3rdID8487 says:

      @peacechild61 You can send them a note if you like. They are on the sister page to this one on FaceBook at “Military Videos”.

    6. peacechild61 says:

      God bless this family, such a beautiful story…..

    7. ronborussell says:

      God bless you Pfc. Rusk .Fallen but not forgotten Semper Fi. I hope we kill a thousand for every One they kill of us.

    8. Iskate1zEro says:

      Sorta sad tho how she asked about the dog somewhat more then she did the son..Anyways RIP PFC you’ll always be remembered Semper Fi!

    9. tropicast says:

      God bless you all.

    10. TakodaForever says:

      Thank-you for sharing this! Welcome home, Eli! Rest In Peace Pfc. Rusk, you’re appreciated work here is done. Watch over your family and those still serving. Rest assure Eli will continue to protect your family. <3

    11. oneshotwunda says:

      PFC Rusk… RIP once a marine always a marine.

    12. ThaRock1976 says:

      Guard well your post in heaven PFC Rusk.

    13. BigBlockRobert says:

      Touching film.. Welcome home Eli.