Extremely discouraged by Raw Feeding…dog allergic to chicken and beef…?


I have been feeding my dog Taste of the Wild-Pacific Stream with great success since I got her but started making the switch to Raw this past two weeks. I fed her chicken and she broke out in a terrible rash. I took her to the vet and there were no mites or anything like that so it was an allergic reaction to the chicken. I put her back on the TOTW and the rash was gone in three days. I have since tried beef and she broke out in the same rash, this time with diarrhea. Off to the vet again and it was just another allergic reaction to the beef. Obviously, Im extremely discouraged and not sure if Raw feeding is even for my dog. I know there is more than chicken and beef out there but obviously its the easiest and cheapest to find. I was going to add deer and turkey to her feeding routine but that would get much too expensive if I only had those as options and the vet said that with the allergy to chicken she might be allergic to turkey as well…

Any suggestions?

I have her in a diet right now of plain rice, some pumpkin to help with the runs and a little tinned salmon since she is fine with fish…

Any advice from Raw feeders out there would be appreciated…

ps. if you dont Raw feed then please dont tell me to not feed my dog uncooked meat or whatever educated advice you think you have…
TOTW Pacific Stream is fish based and Ive had no problems at all…great coat, energy etc. Ive heard and read that Raw is much better so hence the slow switch…but with her allergies Im thinking that I might just stick with the dry food…

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    12 Responses to “Extremely discouraged by Raw Feeding…dog allergic to chicken and beef…?”

    1. sue says:

      Hi again, I forgot to add the following: My dog is extremely allergic to chicken and get bloody colitis as a result. Raw, raw commercial blends, home cooked fortified, and human grade canned in rotation has made her a healthy dog. Raw duck necks are great as they are smaller than turkey necks and more delicious. These can be purchased (skin already removed) and should be frozen for a few days prior to thawing and feeding to kill possible protozoan parasites. Duck is much safer than raw rabbit. Primal makes a raw duck, raw beef, and raw turkey blend which does not contain chicken or eggs. Note, as part of my home-made meals, I add raw egg yolk and my dog does fine. I do not know if she is allergic to the white as I have not yet done the challenge.

    2. sue says:

      Taste of the Wild dry food contains ethoxyquin which is banned from human food. Please look up the details of this poisonous antioxidant which was originally formulated to be a pesticide and was discovered to be a great antioxidant for latex rubber. They don’t state it on the label, however the fish meal already contains this substance.

    3. ♥Love♥ is a German Shepherd Dog says:

      Pork is usually in between chicken and beef, price-wise (more expensive then chicken but cheaper then beef). I once got 100lbs of chicken backs from a woman because her dog was allergic to the chicken, but did fine on other meats. If chicken AND beef upset the dog, then you can try pork.

      If the dog has a reaction to pork, then I would say stick to dog food. The dog could do fine with a main diet of pork, adding in some game meat, lamb, and fish, but if even pork is out of the question, then I wouldn’t bother.

    4. Jayse Ö Think before you breed says:

      As others have said, although unusual, dogs can be have intolerances or allergies to raw chicken or beef. If you can try her one JUST one thing at a time (elimination diet as someone else suggested) do that. it will take a while, and you could do with a mentor to help you.
      Try rabbti for a whole week, nothing else, can be whole rabbit, or rabbit carcass, or chopped rabbit. RAW.

      If that is ok, walla! Then try raw lamb…. see how the dog goes.

      I am going to add a link to a good raw feeding email group of low volume but with good mentors that may help if you join.

    5. Kristina Uman says:

      There are also a plethora of sites which are predominantly written by vets who have received all their education from pet food company sales reps, which state how bad a raw diet is. Feeding Raw – it refers to a type of diet fed to dogs (and cats) which totally excludes all commercial dog foods. A raw diet provides a range of benefits that commercial dog diets can never hope to even closely match. There are a range of problems with commercial dog foods. Yes, it confuses me too! There are also considerable kickbacks vets, vet schools, and breeders can receive from recommending a commercial diet. And most importantly, their advertising campaigns are slick, and tend to make people feel guilty if they feed any other way. And people are suckers for good advertising. Let me make this very clear to you, I make no money from recommending a raw diet, so you can be assured, by making such recommendations, I get no financial kickbacks, nor will ever seek any.

    6. Anonymous says:

      The raw diet, like life, has many different successful routes. People have different ideas about the raw diet and my suggestion if you become confused, is NOT to go back to commercial foods, but start thinking about what is best for your dog (or cat). Start with the basics – a range of different raw meaty bones, or preferably whole items, such as chicken, quail, fish, eggs. Where possible you want to avoid using items that have been raised inappropriately. Please note: Dogs do not have the digestive system to cope with grains. Not only is feeding raw cheaper to feed than commercial dog foods, but there are enormous savings to be made by not having all those vet visits to fix your dogs’ allergies. So much for objective information! Check out whether your vet can give out objective information on a raw diet, or have they (like most vets) received their education sponsored by a pet food company?

    7. Terra says:

      http://www.frommfamily.com/ $42- $45 per 30 lb bag
      NO fillers….some good quality grains….NO corn….gluten or by-products or wheat
      ALL human grade food….fruits…veggies and probiotics!!
      check it out you wont regret it !

      TOTWhttp://www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com/ … has a high protein content (not recommeded for non athletic dogs)
      Taste of the Wild contains Ethoxyquin which is a toxic fish preservative. (TOTW says that the cooking process kills all of it but it scared me away from their product)
      around $42 for a 30 lb bag …. its the cheapest 6 star food ..

      http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ lots of great dog food choices on this site !!

      Orijen and Welness are great but it is $60 – $80 for a 30 lb bag… high protein as well ..not good for non athletic dogs
      Fromm Is what my puppy gets it has a lower protein % and great ingredients! 5 outta 6 stars due to lower protein (but most dogs should not have high protein levels …. It makes their kidneys work overtime for no reason)
      You can get it online and if you go to the website you can find stores near you .. they wont be at walmarts and the like… they are in feed stores .. Agway..tractor supply stores etc

      IF your dog is not going to be a hard working/agility dog all this high protein can do more harm than good in the long run,,, you wont notice it now but it can take its toll on a dogs kidneys as it ages.

      there is also a brand called 4health at the tractor supply store.. it is only $30 for a 30 lb bag.. and it seems to be of good quality. (not as good as the foods mentioned above but it good for the price if you are on a tight budget.)

      also of you go to http://www.tractorsupply.com you can get a printable $5 off coupon!!
      they have tons of low and high end foods there
      But the cheaper you go the more crap you are going to get in your dog food ,,, if you want food that is free of all that stuff $45 is a good

    8. ♥shelter puppies rule♥ says:

      you realize that the fish is farmed (such as in taste of the wild) which are full of PCBs, antibiotics, dye and fed crap and are so cramped they are the worst out of all the farmed animals in terms of diseases. Not to mention the use of ethoxyquin that has been linked to organ diseases and originally was used as a pesticide.

      Stick with raw. How long did you give chicken and beef a chance? And stop the pumpkin and rice crap! It just masks any symptoms.

      Do an elimination diet. Try any protein you want and only that for 4-6 weeks. But be sure to keep bone at around 10% so there’s no diarrhea. Also some dogs may require more than 10% bone for firmer stool..play around with that.

    9. MSAD says:

      If your dog was doing good on the Taste of the Wild then go back to feeding that.

      A good quality dry kibble can be a very healthy diet for your dog. Sometimes I put some green beans or carrots in my dogs food as a treat.

      If what you were doing was working and your dog was healthy….then go back to that. Your dog was healthy and happy. No reason to change.

    10. Rayven ~ Here we Go Again says:

      Yes with the allergy to chicken its possible your dog is allergic to ALL poultry and unless you could do rabbit – shop around it is possible to get it fairly cheap, and incorporate some venison possibly some pork and fish as well you may have to stick to TOTW.

      Oh and i just thought of it though depending on where you are getting it might be an issue try duck.

    11. Jennifer M~ Baby Cameryn is Here says:

      Many dogs are allergic to beef. Chicken is less common, but it DOES happen. What is the main ingredient in the TotW? Why don’t you try fish? Pork maybe? I’m starring for my Raw feeding contacts.

      I had a dog who was allergic to every protein source besides fish and the expensive kangaroo based dog food I had to buy for him

      ETA: Somehow I missed the fact that you wrote you fed tinned salmon. I’ve heard of raw feeders feeding whole fish to their dogs with success. Im not sure about tinned.

      Sorry, food allergies suck! We feed Orijen because I don’t have the time to do raw. I’d love to…but I just can’t feasibly do it.

    12. ms manners says:

      Obviously you can find other raw meats (rabbit comes to mind – they sell it in the grocery store here), but if your dog was doing well on TOTW, why mess with success?

      I would just stick to that.

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