English Bulldog “SPIKE” learns going DOWN steps


Spike was a year old English bulldog when I made this video, who has accomplished coming down the stairs.He has changed my life. As it’s said “My dog isn’t my whole world, but he makes my world whole.” Gotta love these animals !!

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    25 Responses to “English Bulldog “SPIKE” learns going DOWN steps”

    1. BrittZsArt says:

      He’s like, “how many more are there?!” =)

    2. GrEEnXThirTEENs says:

      I can’t stop laughing at his face expressions. I want to squeeze his face so bad.

    3. dherm42 says:

      yeah my bowser gets real low with his ears back then goes to the same coner in my frontroom . its like he picked his own timeout corner

    4. hartage says:

      how cool….

    5. jdeleon1234 says:

      no try him to go up, now thats where the battle is gonna be

    6. AingealDubh says:

      Give Spike a big HUG for me…what a beauty!!!

    7. rosemarie92123 says:

      thanks for the comment, he’s a funny boy , love the breed , makes me laugh all the time !!!

    8. British1500 says:

      We had a bulldog that had no idea how to navigate stairs until another bulldog showed him how.

    9. adamtylermiller says:

      my bulldog, winston, does the ‘groaning’ when we’re at the vets office and he wants off the leash. People normally mistake it for an aggressive growl, when it’s actually just a pitiful moan.

      gotta love bulldogs.

    10. mjdaballer93 says:

      my bulldogs name is spike too

    11. gwendolineLilli says:

      the look on his face at 1:30 is priceless :-))

    12. creepingcruds says:

      is he one year old or two years old?

    13. ryan56507 says:

      the grunting is adorable

    14. RIDDICKorigional says:

      thats a very nice bully nice size shape lovely wide spaced broad front end nice.

    15. kaymano85 says:


    16. jamierockin44 says:

      Bull dogs have BIG!!!! musles I have a 7 mounth oldie She can take a full grown man down playing tug o war. That guy in the video he is a musle guy!

    17. rtoomas says:

      a male he just turned a year

    18. rosemarie92123 says:

      so is yours, how old is your piggy ? M or F ?

    19. rtoomas says:

      he’s so cute :))

    20. rtoomas says:

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha exactly what mine does, then i feel bad and give him something 2 eat he gets happy

    21. rosemarie92123 says:

      even worse, sometimes he shrinks down and get that look like I beat him. it’s pretty hard to get mad at these animals, they are such precious creatures. Hard to explain unless you’ve been fortunate enough to spend any time with a bullie. But you know what I mean .. thanks for the comment rtoomas 🙂

    22. rtoomas says:

      when u get mad at him does he do the slow motion walk like hes scared, cause mine does that

    23. rosemarie92123 says:

      oh yeah , spike does not NOT look like ron.

    24. rosemarie92123 says:

      Joe, you know you love those animals,
      who would you give all those table scraps to
      be nice…….. well at least try !!!!
      have a nice day….

    25. joeygaglione says:

      God rosie you are so good with dogs maybe you can have sheri’s dogs better yet you can have her to

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