English bulldog Kennel


Mauiexpo Kennel English bulldog Kennel www.mauiexpokennel.com 786-206-9330

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    8 Responses to “English bulldog Kennel”

    1. pohai710 says:

      Where are you located?

    2. mauiexpo says:

      @sansankudo Thank you you too!

    3. mauiexpo says:

      @xSASsniperPro I have a lot 🙂

    4. xSASsniperPro says:

      how many bulldogs do you actually own ?? i got some but nowhere near as many as you.

    5. sansankudo says:

      Happy New Year 2011! <3

    6. dragonkid517 says:

      Gorgeous dogs! i wish i could get one 🙁

    7. mauiexpo says:

      @mOmOmOndra Mil Gracias por tan bellas palabras!

    8. mOmOmOndra says:

      los felicito mauiexpo kennel que buen no excelente criadero y ni hablar de los ejemplares , gracias por disfrutar de esta hermosa raza como lo son los bulldog !!!

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