Eccotemp L5 Water Heater + Flojet LF122202A Water Pump Test

. This video shows the Eccotemp L5 water heater combined with the Flojet LF122202A Marine Automatic Demand Water Pump in action. This is a quick test that we did to be able to show on video what it looks like when the Eccotemp L5 and the Flojet LF122202A are hooked up together. A demand water pump is normally used in small boats and RVs to provide water pressure to the sink, toilet, etc. but a lot of people have discovered the usefulness of using these water pumps with the Eccotemp L5 to provide excellent water pressure when a garden faucet is not available so we decided to offer both products for sale at our store to save you the trouble of finding a water pump that works well with the Eccotemp L5. Why is the Flojet LF122202A perfect for the Eccotemp L5? – The Eccotemp L5’s ideal water pressure is between 20-80 PSI and the Flojet LF122202A is rated at 35 PSI which fits perfectly. It pumps water fast enough for good water pressure but not too fast as to not waste too much water in case you’ve got a limited supply. – It measures less than 6’1/2″ and weighs only 1.3 lbs so it’s not cumbersome. – Built-in pressure switch starts and stops the pump automatically when soliciting water(Turning on shower head) – Able to run dry for an extended period of time so no risk of damaging the pump when you run out of water at the source. – Includes built-in thermal protector Where can you use it? The Eccotemp normally uses a garden faucet

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