NITRO’S LAW is the legacy and testament in honor of a family’s Rottweiler, Nitro, who was 1 of 8 dogs that died in a horrific crime at a K9 training facility in Youngstown, Ohio. Nitro’s Law was created as a felony provision and proactive legislative measure to increase the outdated misdemeanor-only provisons and penalties currently in place for animal crimes in the state of Ohio. In February 2009 the felony provision Bill ‘Nitro’s Law’ was introduced and passed the Ohio House of Representatives and was assigned to the Ohio Senate for consideration and for nearly 1 year this landmark Bill was grossly ignored by the Ohio Senate. On December 31, 2010, Nitro’s Law was no more and still has yet to be reintroduced. Tragically, 8 dogs gave their lives in the birth of a new law for a better Ohio and this state blatantly demonstrated their lack of motivation in protecting its companion animals by failing this important legislation. This national campaign “I Eat Dog Food for Nitro’s Law” is to generate awareness directed at Ohio’s apathetic governing body and their lack of motivation enacting necessary animal protection laws to progress as a moral society and state. Nitro’s Law supporters are committed to this campaign until Nitro’s Law is reintroduced into the Ohio House of Representatives. Join the campaign! To read Nitro’s story:

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6 Responses to “EAT DOG FOOD for NITRO’S LAW”

  1. HalfDozDogs says:

    I applaud you! PS Give the dogs a little taste! : )

  2. sticks2string says:

    The video is great! Really well done!

  3. NikkiMoustaki says:

    Rock on, Shelly!!!!

  4. k9bright says:


  5. TheDogexaminer says:

    @d0pesick And that’s exactly what it’s all about, and we thank you so much in your efforts in sharing our message!

  6. d0pesick says:

    I’m from Ontario, Canada but I still e-mailed, reposted, and encouraged everyone to acknowledge Ohio’s lack of cruelty laws. If I had the income to eat dog food once a day, I’d be right there with you.