Dr. Dog black red


i got tired of seeing nothing but low quality live videos of this song so i uploaded m own hope y ou enjoy and ps i dont own the rights to this song or anything just a fan made vid

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    7 Responses to “Dr. Dog black red”

    1. DeafMuteZombie says:

      cool thanks, now i can illeagally download this song the safest way!

    2. jess260683 says:

      if you are here thanks to Chuck, make sure you sign the petition for season 5 on twitition

    3. DrLoveness says:

      go chuck season 4!!!!!!! from lisbon

    4. Siemless says:

      I love Dr. Dog!
      It was great hearing them on Chuck last night!

    5. socals1finest says:


    6. DownOnwax says:

      This band is sooooooooooo good!

      They are going to blow up like dolomite soon 🙂

    7. gahris22 says:

      Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Experienced this song live and have been searching for it ever since!