DoyDoy Chow Chow Pup Stairs 1


Learning to climb stairs part 1. Disregard the backround noise as that was some soapy TV movie playing.

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    25 Responses to “DoyDoy Chow Chow Pup Stairs 1”

    1. anonymusneo says:

      For god’s sake please do not allow him to run up and down on stair while he is little puppy..

      it put’s pressure on knee joint’s and later when they are old their bones deteriorate fast then the scheduled time .and so they face joint issues

    2. itisitsits says:

      Hi there! It is been a long time, but I do remember this adorable puppy!. I see that he is naturally chubby and meant to be that way! Thanks for letting me know that. He is absolutely adorable and I wish him always good health and happiness!

    3. TakerBride777 says:

      @itisitsits not overfed at all they dont stay lil 4 long & he wasnt big at all they weigh on average 70 lbs as adult

    4. TakerBride777 says:

      awe cute baby puppy

    5. viannafin says:

      His name is as cute as he is ^^

    6. Juliashans says:


    7. taniamorse85 says:

      He is so cute! It’s so fun watching puppies learn to climb stairs, and DoyDoy seems to be a champ at it!

    8. iedanus says:

      the worst thing you can do is letting a puppy climbing the stairs.
      you ruin his hips,
      my black princes never walks the stairs, i carry her and she’s 4 years old.
      chow’s have a reputation for having hip and elbow problems.
      please be aware of that and carry your pup up the stairs.
      do some research please.

    9. peacelovehippies14 says:

      aww, 🙂 i miss when my chow was a puppy.

    10. Vesper2706 says:

      aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww….. 🙂

    11. zhenichka18 says:

      aww ahahaha CUUUUUTE!

    12. Moroboshisan says:

      this reminds me when we got our first chow puppy. he would walk up the stairs, but couldnt walk down after^^ truly a great family dog!

    13. AtemusQueen234 says:

      I thought that was a stuffed bear walking on its own

    14. gunnyguy121 says:

      he/she concord the mighty mount stairs

    15. Camogirl74 says:

      my lives outside and dont chase no damn rats lmao

    16. Camogirl74 says:

      I luv em to death as I have 5 but….

      Chow puppies or any Chow as a matter of fact are VERY HEADSTRONG and need firm\fair handling.YOU NEED TO BE BOSS!


    17. DashaDostanko says:

      omg omg omg omg he’s soooooooooooooooooooooo CUUUUTE!!!i want the same puppy!they’re soooo adorable!!!! ^_^

    18. CHURCHiLLxx says:

      OH MY GOD that is adorable! xD puppy looks like a fluff ball <3 too cute

    19. RikiGallardo says:

      rofl so cute

    20. SentientProgr4m says:

      Your chow is officially the cutest dog on youtube!

    21. CloudFodder187 says:

      All dogs have a differnt personality, but in general, majority of chow chows are chill and laidback.

      However, toss them outside in your backyard and
      they’ll be energetic, =]
      They like to chase rats =P

    22. harmany281 says:

      Ahhh… It’s so cute. How old was is in this video?

    23. axu6000000 says:

      That like Teddy Bear =3

    24. xxjackiee909 says:

      Ahhh I want one.
      They are so cute and fluffy!
      They will match my cat! Ahhhh.

    25. flashlight361 says:

      i have one that is 2 months old and he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

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