Doritos “Dog Hits Door” Super Bowl Commercial HD.mp4


Doritos. Feb 2011

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    7 Responses to “Doritos “Dog Hits Door” Super Bowl Commercial HD.mp4”

    1. einherje71 says:

      Damn i need to change my underwear.

    2. kenhdcgov says:

      ROFL & CGU

    3. redmastif01 says:


    4. Porkulus says:

      00:26 – EEEYYYY I spy Devito!

    5. RikuRavage22 says:

      BEST EVAR :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

    6. butlergp082 says:

      What a great commercial, so funny

    7. XxShadowsGirl101xX says:

      That was Epic. My favorite commercial of the Superbowl other than the Darth Vader one.