DORITOS® – PUG ATTACK – Crash The Super Bowl 2011 Winner


Learn why you should never, ever tease a pug with the promise of Doritos®.

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    25 Responses to “DORITOS® – PUG ATTACK – Crash The Super Bowl 2011 Winner”

    1. 8644373 says:

      Click My Name
      To Get a
      Frée Äpple iPhonè

    2. TruFaithDigg says:

      Where is the one with the bears?

    3. nickpen74 says:

      A guy who went to my high school made this video for Doritos. Awesome!

    4. nickpen74 says:

      A guy who went to my high school made this video for Doritos.

    5. giffy105 says:

      listen to walked through the door by ltown

    6. MrChicken911 says:

      They used this in a commercial in the superbowl it’s not fake

    7. flippandyoumissit says:

      Press 0 then 5

    8. PandaArmyXX says:


    9. TheDude1391 says:

      When you hold 8 down the dog rapes him.

    10. TheDude1391 says:

      Hold 6 down for total funniness.

    11. CottonMickey says:

      Now I want doritos…. x) Peace out, bitches!
      Ima go get some x)

    12. jrainey141 says:

      Go to and sign up please!!

    13. ricketyrockety says:

      they brainstormed about commercials and this is what they ended up with. terrible.

    14. Qdft665 says:

      This is a hilarious video, but there were a lot of screw ups this year during the superbowl. Christina how-ever-the-hell-you-spell-it screwing up the national anthem, in general the black eyed peas lol – and lack of funny commercials (too many car commercials)

    15. itsprobablycheese says:

      OMG LOL this is probably the BEST superbowl commercial this year!!! 😀 also please check out these awesome videos they are HILARIOUS just search “ImmenseGarging” to find them!!!! thanks! 🙂

    16. whman17411 says:


    17. aweinster2 says:

      not true there were a lot of good commercials this year like the doritos and the brisk ice tea with eminem

    18. adamisgnosis says:

      You can tell he did that before with the poor dog and it got hurt. Just look how it’s poor face is pushed in:(

    19. oOoDEADPOOLoOo says:

      Eating some right now

    20. hineni53 says:

      My brother owns a pug and he will go to any lengths to get food especially chips.

    21. silverstein23429 says:

      The dorito commercials were the only good ones this year.

    22. 1702Milena says:

      @gabrieltrop thanx)))))

    23. gabrieltrop says:

      @1702Milena Giuseppi Verdi, Messa da Requiem (often called just “Verdi Requiem”), the movement is Dies Irae

    24. badlim88 says:


    25. coolster4001 says:


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