Doodles First Steps In his PETMRC Wheelchair


“Doodle was born 12 years ago on the last street in San Diego before crossing over to Mexico. He has been a real traveler and been throughout California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Arizona and New Mexico. He has never liked anything new or out of place (very Corgi type behavior) so we were very reluctant regarding wheels. He was just recently diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and had started dragging his left hind leg. He has always been very active, a traveler and an important part of our lives so we were very upset to see this happen. He is still getting used to the cart, and knowing his personality probably always will be, but it does make him much more mobile. Having a pet that is active and a big part of one’s life suddenly become disabled is hard to take. Thank you Pet Mobility Rehab Center for giving hope to Doodle and us. Doodle Brown

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