Dogs water bowls?


Hi ….Ive got two dogs a jack russell and a puppy rotti . They have a water bowl each but use each others . One of the bowls has to be Changed once a day just to keep it fresj . But the other sometimes I change Like 3 times a day . Is this too much water . most of it is being consumed by my Rotti .

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14 Responses to “Dogs water bowls?”

  1. annams44 says:

    have you ever drank to much water that it hurt you not likely so i think your dogs will be fine

  2. Owned By *4* Pit Bulls says:

    There is no such thing as too much water.

  3. Mermaid says:

    Try getting one of these:
    It’s called a Waterer and it’s made by LeBistro brand
    They are great!

  4. l.goldman says:

    They should be able to drink as much water as they want.

  5. sazzynbrad says:

    Hi I don’t think you can give a dog too much water, and i don’t think it matters that they drink from each others bowls unless there is fighting between them, but if you are worried about the amount they drink , it might put your mind as rest by seeing a vet, just to be sure.

  6. mislilma says:

    To my knowledge not at all. My mother is a Vet. and stresses the need to keep pets hydrated. Plus they are puppies and may need that little extra.

  7. Manders says:

    No, bigger dogs have bigger thirsts.

    But you could have him checked out by your vet to make sure he doesn’t have diabetes, or some kind of kidney problems, which can cause excessive thirst.

  8. aelanna says:

    Dogs should always have fresh water available to them… when they aren’t thirsty then they won’t drink, but you don’t want to dehydrate them by not giving them enough water.

    Good luck.

  9. Juliepoo15 says:

    No, that’s not too much at all. If I were a dog, I’d appreciate all the fresh water I could get. I have two cats and give them fresh water at LEAST once a day. Your situation sounds perfectly normal to me, especially with a Rotti. *SLUP* *SLUP* *SLUP* *SLUP* Heehee!

  10. Pomagoldendoodlecockapoodoo says:

    My dogs each have individual bowls in their crates, and then one big communal one in the kitchen, so they usually just use the one.
    I don’t think that’s too much water, dogs should always have free access to water.

  11. Hanna says:

    Get bigger bowls
    It’s not too much water.

  12. Margaret S says:

    It depends on the size of the bowl on how much your dog is drinking. I have two lab mixes that drink about 3 gal of water every two days, and that was in the winter, I expect it to go up once summer is in full bloom. Just keep the dishes full. If you are really concerned about how much water your rotti is drinking, take him to the vet to ensure that there aren’t any health concerns. Good luck,

  13. Autowerks Liesza says:

    Dogs should have as much water as they want. There is no such thing as too much.

  14. jelle says:

    No, I don’t think animals are gluttonous over water. Are they outside dogs? Its gonna get hotter and they will need more.

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