Dogs jumping the fence?


My friend has 2 dogs, they get everything they need, lots of exercise, toys, love, attention etc. She lives in a city and her house is surrounded with neighbors who have dogs. Her dogs are very dog friendly and keep jumping her fence. She has a standard chain link fence. Her father put up 4 ft high chicken wire on top of the chain link fence. It’s sturdy except for the fact that chicken wire bends easily. They were planning on building a 6 ft privacy fence but both dogs can jump 6ft from a sitting position. Anything higher than 6 ft is not allowed where she lives. They looked into invisible fence but for them it would be over ,000. They can not dish that kind of money out now due to they are buying a new car as one of their cars keeps breaking down. The invisible fence also isn’t a grantee for their dogs either. The chicken wire has been up for over a month now and no problem until today. Her smaller dog "jumped into the middle of the chicken wire." At least that’s what the neighbor said. The whole structure fell. Her other dog ruined the other structure trying to jump back over into the yard.
They don’t want to chain their dogs, as they want them to run and play. They want to try and find an alternative to kennels but if not they will resort to it. Her dogs go for 5 mile walks twice a day, everyday, as well as the dog park for 2 hours everyday.
The neighbor next door has been calling animal control and they have tried everything to keep their dogs in their yard.
Any suggestions for them?
Both are neutered and have never humped or tried to hump like some neutered dogs will do.
They just like to play with other dogs. The neighbor to the left has 2 males (her dogs don’t jump that privacy fence), 1 neighbor behind them has a male (they no longer jump that privacy fence), the other neighbor behind them has a female (they jump that fence to get to the other yard), the other neighbor next door has a small male (they are mainly in that yard), the neighbor behind the people with the small dog have 4 dogs. I know 1 is a girl. 3 are giant dogs, and 1 is small. The yards they go in, those dogs all bark a lot and stir up her dogs. Does that play a role?

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    4 Responses to “Dogs jumping the fence?”

    1. stayputdoggy says:

      I am not certain where you live – but – I own a company that installs underground pet containment. Most all systems work the same and any reputable dealer can install a fence which is not "brand name" for much – much less. I will be happy to guide your friend through the process. No matter who she uses or what brand, it is a safe and effective tool to keep dogs safe!

    2. Spicey says:

      I guess the hotwire idea sounds the best. Some dogs are amazing. I had a Golden R. once that would climb the kennel wire and escape. It was 8.5 feet tall so that was quite a climb for a heavy dog, but he did it time and time again.

    3. Kisskiss- bull arab owner says:

      have the dogs been spayed and neutered? if not then that could be a possibility why they are getting out.

    4. ms manners says:

      They should string hotwire along the top of the fence.

      It is not expensive, and I have only had one dog with which it was not effective. Most dogs only need to touch it once or twice, and then never go near it again. In fact, after that you can usually turn it off.

      I have used it along the top of the fence to stop jumpers, and along the bottom to stop diggers.

      They should be able to find everything they need at their local feed store.