Dog's Foot Pad Getting Worn Down?


My chihuahua broke his foot a few years ago, and now his foot is always twisted to the side and he only steps on his one foot pad on his right side. Now that pad is red and swollen. Is there some way we could get him to walk straight without bending his foot?
We had taken him to the vet when he broke his foot and he had a doggy cast and regular check-ups, and the vet said that it is common for smaller dogs’ bones’ to bend slightly after breaking. But I don’t want his pad to get painful for him to walk on….

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    3 Responses to “Dog's Foot Pad Getting Worn Down?”

    1. Michelle M says:

      Take him to the vet. He needs to be looked at and they can straiten his foot back the way it should be.

    2. Jenny Manyteeth says:

      Clearly he didn’t get vet care at the time of the original break, but he can get it now. I suspect that the bone will be re-broken so the foot can heal straight, taking the pressure off the side of his foot. I could be wrong; I’m not a veterinarian.

      Take him to your vet and have his current situation evaluated. The vet will explain the choices.

    3. Calista Uher says:

      If the foot is still broken, I recommend taking him to the vet. Though I am almost positive this is not the case. If you can not afford the vet’s visit, I understand. All of us are tight in money, these days. But if his leg is STILL BROKEN and you CAN’T take him to the vet’s, you should put his leg between two sticks and tie it off with a rag. If his foot hurts from the brake a few years back, it might have been something more serious, such as something overlooked. So, I’d get that checked out. And no, there is no way to get him to walk straight without bending his foot, because dogs pretty much have a mind of their own. So, you should let him lick his paw, since that’s how they would care for themselves in the wild. Let him hobble on his foot for a few days, maybe even a week if he doesn’t feel better after a while, take him to the vet. He might have got some rock salt stuck between there, or maybe even walked on the salty ground a lot. Hope this helps!