Dogs and cats pet problems?


In the past two days 3 of our sofa cushions have been urinated on, 1 on one sofa and 2 on the other. However, the chair cushion, which is right next to the sofas, hasn’t been urinated on. Anyways, we have 3 dogs and 2 cats and aren’t sure which one it was. The first time we thought it was out oldest dog who sits on the sofa and she couldn’t control herself. Now it looks like one of our cats is marking the sofas. Both cats are male and neutered. From morning until late afternoon no one is home due to school/work/etc. When I came home I noticed a sofa cushion was damp.

We aren’t sure which animal(s) is/are urinating on the sofas. How can we figure it out? One of our cats has been known to urinate on bathroom rugs and towels on the ground.
This might be helpful as well; of our 3 dogs, only 1 goes on the furniture. Our pug sits on the couch in the game room, but only there and no where else. We also have leather furniture.
Could be the cats, or one cat? What should we do?

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    6 Responses to “Dogs and cats pet problems?”

    1. catseye says:

      hidden camera?

    2. madmother15 says:

      I would suspect the cats, maybe both. If one cat marks the space, the other may copy. The only way I’d suspect the oldest dog, is if she has been incontinent before this.

      Dogs are pretty scared about getting into trouble, cats could care less what you think.

      The scent must be completely removed from the cushions to have this stop. I’d try taking it to the dry cleaners, or calling them with your question. There are sprays that provide hormones that deter cats from spraying, or urinating on things, check the pet store, or ask at your vet’s office.

    3. Amelia says:

      probably a dog cats prefer there litter box if they are fixed

    4. spacemonkeyqueen says:

      We have a lot of animals as well. When one or more is acting up the only way is to figure out if one is sick or angry about something, that’s usually why they pee on things. I would suggest looking for signs of illness, or separating them somehow so that you can tell which one is peeing, or at least narrow it down. I would of course put something on the couch, unless it is so far gone by now that you don’t care, because you are essentially baiting your cats to see which one will pee on the couch. It MIGHT be both, so even if one pees after you separate them then you should still check the other.
      I hope this helps! 🙂