Dogdini?? He escapes from everything!?

Dogdini?? He escapes from everything!?


I swear, my dog is related to Houdini. Regardless of how I try to contain him in his pen/kennel or in the garage he always manages to escape. He is very determined and very smart. Now, before I get attacked with complaints from dog lovers telling me that dogs are people too and that I am evil for keeping him in a pen or garage, I must tell you: we have tried to have him in the house, he chewed expensive furniture and ate virtually everything he got his mouth on. We tried to crate train him for him to sleep in out room…he literally ate the hard plastic crate to escape. We tried to keep him outside, he dug out the yard and all the sprinklers. I run him 4 miles a day and take him to the dog park 3 days a week. I tried to have him stay in the garage…he actually knawed on the bumper of my car…so now we are trying a pen/kennel that provides him plenty of room. So please don’t write me and tell me how evil I am…I am still trying to work with him despite thousands of dollars in damage and quite frankly I do believe that dogs are dogs and people are people.
Ok, now having said that, as explained Charly is an absolute destruction force on 4 legs and is now being tried in a kennel that is approx 8 by 8. He has ripped the chain link down, climbed the 5 foot fence and crawled out of the top, he has literally lifted the pegs out of the cement and crawled under to escape. I mean this dog is determined. The only time he is in his kennel is during the night to sleep…but he doesn’t sleep…he spends all night struggling to find a way to escape. So I pose the question to all you good people…do you have any tips to help Charly not be so anxious about being left in his kennel? Like I said, he is not kept in there any other time other than when he is not being supervised, which is usually at night time. But I need to come up with solution since options are running out at this point.
He is a lab…approximately 8 months old…50-60 pounds. Problems didn’t actually start until about 2 months ago…coincidently right after he was neutured. Wife says he is mad about having his male parts taken away 🙂

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6 Responses to “Dogdini?? He escapes from everything!?”

  1. ladystang says:

    what breed
    does he need more exercise?
    does he need a job?
    all dogs need training, exercise, socialization, grooming and vet care.
    also they need to live in home with family.
    take to a professional trainer to help you learn how to train.

  2. bluebonnetgranny says:

    "How to dog proof your yard"

    I had to dog proof my yard when I housed & trained dogs in aggression work. Animal Control had to come out & inspect my yard.

    Dig a 2 ft trench all along the fence line, lay in a roll of 2 ft high chicken wire & attach every few inches to the existing fence. & bury the wire. That will stop any digging.

    As for the top, you can either raise the height of the fence. or place some chicken wire at the top, loosely attached so that when the dog reaches the top it just dumps him back into his own yard.

    You can also take a 2X2 & attach it to the dogs collar cross wise & let it dangle so that his knees get banged when he is trying to jump.

    They also have no jump collars. This does not allow the dog to get his full length when jumping. It shortens his stride & he cannot jump the fence.

  3. my rescue dog knows 70 cues tricks agility etc says:

    It’d help if you posted what breed is predominate in your dog.

    Your dog IS bored.
    It does sound like you are doing admirable job of trying to wear him out, with the running and dog parks, but, your dog is stark raving bored.

    It is also possible, your dog can not bear to be apart from his pack.

    You might try teaching him tricks. I know, i know, it doesn’t sound like it’d help, BUT, some dogs HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO get a chance to use their mind.
    Most dogs in US get zero zero chance to figure out even one thing, their food is handed to them, no hunting or decisions req’d of the dog.

    Learn how to train your dog. Go to DogTrickAcademy, and learn how to teach a dog things.
    Clickers are HUGE mongo help to this. Clicker training is how they get whales to do tricks.

    Once *you* learn how to teach tricks to your dog, you begin to give lessons to your dog.

    THIS ONLY TAKES FIVE (5) MINUTES A DAY. All dog lessons are 5 minutes or less, especially for dogs new to lessons.
    You can repeat a lesson, many times a day, but, each lesson is VERY short, always stopping before dog zones out or gets frustrated.

    No scolding involved, none.

    Ignore wrong responses, reward correct ones. It should be FUN, your dog will LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Very much.

    Use REAL meat, or hotdogs, for treats—-cut up very very small. Dogs do NOT care how big a treat is. You don’t want a fat or full dogs while training him.

    This might satisfy your dog. You may even learn enough to be able to solve his behavior issues, and bring your dog back into the pack where he belongs.

  4. Alesi's Chis Suspended AGAIN says:

    Okay Beelzebub – how much exercise is Charly getting? I started reading every other sentence after the third chapter so if you stated a breed or mix of, I missed it. It sounds like he’s got way much more energy than you’re having him burn off so you might want to start there. Also a metal crate with a blanket or towel over it to help him settle at night

  5. gizzer777 says:

    So very well put! I wish I had an answer to that when I owned beagles. They were absolute masters at the escape trick!

    Addition, they only "went for it, when following an animal scent!

    My Border Collie will dig but also will stop when I say stop! That is part if her "job! Or so she thinks! LOL…her favorite is her ever widening little trench where she hides out while playing…Then she springs up at me when I wander by, and the game is on…Now imagine a 55 lb Dog thinking she is well hidden in a 4" deep trench!

    Wish I could help!

  6. G♥ldenp♥ny says:

    Overly destructive dogs are almost always high energy dogs not getting nearly enough exercise. If you do in fact run "every day" 4 miles as well as loose run 3 days a week then next guess might be his age and or breed….if young some might be teething/puppy curiosity as well as certain breeds are just smack wild chewers and diggers. My Akita could rip chain link like most dogs on a chew toy. You don’t say how much you are leaving him alone but it seems by your post that it’s too long and boredom is getting the best of him. A dog wants to be with you and if you’re using a confined area to protect your stuff then it should only be while you aren’t there and 4-6 hours should be the max. A kennel is too big….try a crate, it doesn’t give them the nervous room to pace, jump, or run at and if trained correctly you will offer a place to feel safe. Make sure to keep him with you when you’re home and continue training. If only at night then crate him where he can see you. You might loose a few nights sleep at first but when he settles in he will fees safe and close to you. He obviously isn’t liking being left alone outside at night and if you’re spending all that time all day with his exercise then he isn’t wanting to be left alone when you go to bed…’re his pack and he wants to be with you.

    ADD>>> Just saw your edit….8 months is still puppy…2 months ago is teething nothing to do with neutering. The exercise you’re giving such a young dog needs to be done very carefully because you could cause joint problems later. Labs are large breed dogs and mature slower and are bred to be with people…not outside. They will create their own entertainment if they are bored. They are the companion dogs for a reason 🙂
    Also, tell your wife she’s being silly. Dogs have no idea they are missing any parts…especially the male parts….lol