Dog wont stop tearing up floor?


My roomate and I have an English Mastiff puppy (about 8+ mths). Every night before bed when let both dogs out and lock the Mastiff in the kitchen after going outside, where there’s linolium flooring. 2-3 times a week she’s ripping it up. WHAT DO WE DO? We’re trying to avoid kennels due to lack of space. Anyone have any other ideas on how to make her stop? The pieces she’s ripping up are getting larger and larger each time! Please help!? thank you!

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    6 Responses to “Dog wont stop tearing up floor?”

    1. Giagal says:

      Start crating your dogs. Don’t give them any bedding they will rip up. This is the only solution.

    2. eharri3 says:

      This is a tough one. What will tend to happen is when a dog finds an easy target that she can keep getting access to and it presents itself every time she has destructive impulses, this becomes, fixated, instinctive, compulsive behavior. It’s the same as when a human develops a nervous habit such as twirling hair or biting nails. The first instinct the dog has when she’s alone and bored, or she’s got anxious, nervous energy, is to do the same thing again. It’s why no matter how much they scold and spank and correct and yell, alot of people deal with things like trash-diving, counter-surfing, or chewed flooring over and over and over again. The dog has become fixated on a specific target, developing a sort of ritual to keep themselves occupied when they’re alone and they’re bored or anxious. Everybody thinks there is a ‘magic pill’ training technique to stop the behavior. But unless they can be corrected in the act, this is EXTREMELY hard to do. And even if you manage it, she’ll probably turn her sights on something else or get back to it when you’re not there.

      You have to find a way to remove the option so the dog can’t keep practicing the behaivor. Crate, or secure in a different room. Crate is better, as the dog’s options for practicing destructive behavior go down to almost zero. Once they learn to accept it they pretty much have no other option but to practice sitting quietly and calmly. It works much faster than trying to figure out how to correct various behaviors that you’re not there to see.

    3. Ann-Marie Curran says:

      She sounds bored to me. My dog chewed when left alone and now that I have someone at home all day he has stopped.

    4. Rush says:

      Give her more exercise. Dogs destroy stuff only if they have a lot of extra, unused energy.Take her for walks, play with her and give her a lot of attention.

    5. KtJ says:

      The only thing I would suggest is a KENNEL. I know you said you can’t but this is the only way to keep her contained. I know you’re gonna need a big one but just get one and DO NOT pot anything in it, blanket, bed, nothing–that will get torn apart too and them you risk her swallowing it and getting a blockage…that something you don’t want. Sooo save space without a kennel, or incur $100’s of dollars in repairs/$1000’s in vet bills if shes swallowing stuff??

    6. JenVT says:

      Get a crate. Surely you knew how large the dog would get when you bought her??